A lot of people over-complicate SEO audits. Yes, you might go wild by fine-tuning your website almost to perfection. There are a lot of little overlooked things and if you do them, you can get huge gains without much effort. So how can you do this without obsessing over your SEO? Here we will break down how to do an SEO audit quickly and discern hidden opportunities to rank number 1.

SEO Audit

There are two main steps to doing your audit quickly.

Step 1: The first step is to log into the Google search console. When you log into Google search console, you ought to glance for pages that rank for analogous terms. Most people think that if you want to rank for SEO, they ought to create as much content around that topic. Although it’s true, it’s also wrong at the same time. You want to create a ton of content, but you want to refrain from creating tons of pages on the same topic because they are going to compete and that’s going to conflict with Google quick. They are all going to have similar keywords and they are all about the same thing, so when you have content around the same topics, you ought to combine them. That lets Google know that this is the main page, and you ought to use the model of pillar pages. So in search console, search for pages that are challenging, coalesce them, and initiate structuring. Then in search console find the pages that popular but have the low CTR.

Once you figure that out, go to click flow. It is a tool that allows you to AB test your title tags and it will even give you recommendations on how to improve the click-through(s). You don’t have to come up with your own structure or something like that. Click flow will do the tough labor for you.

In search console, you will also see pages that are super popular. Start leveraging the land and expand strategy. It is a very simple strategy. If something already positions well, the odds are if you inflate upon it and you put more meat behind it and make it even enhanced, it should, in theory, do even better.

Step 2: The second step in doing the quick audit is to use the site audit report and Ubersuggest. Once you put in a URL, it roughly takes three minutes to crawl your site. It will crawl hundreds of pages and it’ll tell you what’s wrong from a technical standpoint. Do you have duplicate meta-description or duplicate title tags? Are you using the wrong headings? It will tell you all these factors in addition to hundreds of other factors when it comes to your SEO. It will also tell you page by page what you need to fix. Start with the top recommendations and then work your way down the list. If you do that, you will spend your time on the stuff that will have the biggest impact versus spending your time in the stuff that will have the smallest impact.

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