You must have used tools like Ubersuggest to discover all these keywords that you should go after. But how do you figure out what content you should craft around these keywords? Because if you create the wrong type of content, no one is going to read the post, link to it, or share it, it won’t rank on Google. Let’s discuss ways to unearth dozens of content ideas that will be loved by your audience.

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The clandestine of discovering great content ideas is to glance at the concepts, the topics, the ideas that people are already searching for and giving out on social media. The rationale being that if people are already sharing this substance, you know they are looking for more of it. If they are not, that means that they are not really interested in it. You can do the same with the links. If people are linking to specific types of articles it means that they find it valuable. That means you ought to be craftinging more of that content and less of the substance that no one links to.

Tip 1

You must head over to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword. Type a keyword that you are interested in. Pick something that has a minimum of two words in it. You ought not to get too specific. Keep it somewhat generic. You must look at the content ideas reports. Look for the articles that are popular based on the social shares but also estimated visits. Look for the ones that have at least 100 estimated visits and at least five backlinks. So, if something has thousands of social shares, at least a hundred estimated visits, and five backlinks it shows you that people like it. Not just from a social sharing perspective that can be manipulated by the people but it’s also ranking someone on Google because people like it. People are also linking to it because they find it’s precious so when you mingle all three of these things, you now have substance that you know people will adore. Creating content around that will do extremely well. That’s how you find dozens of ideas literally in seconds. The hard part is not finding ideas, it’s coming up with keywords so you can continually find more ideas.


The second tip is super simple and can be done in a few ways. You can type in a keyword. Click on keyword ideas reports. These will provide you more blog topics that you could potentially inscribe about. It will also notify you keywords that are more intent-based.


Go over to the top pages reports. Type in a rival’s URL. This will show the most popular pages your competitors are getting traffic from. Most of these pages are going to be content-based pages. Replicate the ones that have thousands of social shares, at least five backlinks, and a hundred estimated visits.

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