Kay Beauty – “Shopify”

Kay Beauty LLC caters to your every need. Here you will find the latest trend in jewelry and a lot of accessories.

Maker&Son – “Shopify”

Shopify Web Design and Marketing Support for a Luxury Furniture Brand Based in AU, US, and UK – Store converted Huge revenues of dollars of sales per month.

Kerusso – “Shopify”

-Setup Shopify Website and Maintenance for an Apparel Brand in the US using Shopify Plus. Also Helped Setup Complex API integrations with 3rd Party systems not available in Shopify.

Psudo – “Shopify”

Website Maintenance

Satya Jewelery – “Shopify”

Website Maintenance and Email Marketing

Solo Strength – “Shopify”

Ecommerce Site Design Maintenance & Online Marketing for over $100k Budgets

Ultra Luxe Skin Care – “Shopify”

Small Company Ecommerce Site Design Maintenance & Shopify App development for large Customer and inventory based for wholesale

Mind Body Hemp – “Shopify”

SEO complete and needed web development

New Earth Garden – “BigCommerce”

SEO and Web development

Johnny Box – “Shopify”

Ecommerce Site Design, Maintenance & SEO

Fego Gioielli – “Shopify”

Website Pages Design, Development Maintenance and Digital marketing

PurseSee – “Shopify”

Small Company Ecommerce Site Maintenance in Shopify + SEO Consultancy.
PurseSee was born out of need. While we were searching for the perfect high-quality handbag that could help us organize our daily lives, we realized that most designer bags look beautiful on the outside, but little attention to detail is given to the inside.

Friedman’s Shoes – “Shopify”

SEO, Store Management, and Inventory management

The Door Buddy “Shopify”

Ecommerce Site Design and Development for a Kids Brand.
They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is exactly how the “Door Buddy” came to be.

HolaAmor – “Shopify”

Branding and Web Design Setup for an Apparel Brand in the US, & UAE.

Ecodioxide – “Shopify”

Website Completion and Maintenance

Direct Furniture Center – “BigCommerce”

Complete store maintenance

Treatables – “WordPress/WooCommerce”

Small Company Ecommerce Site Maintenance.
To promote Harmony for the whole family® through the happiness and health of each pet with our revolutionary Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Products. Treatibles help to instill calm, balance, and ease for cats, dogs, and horses.

CatSpot – “Shopify”

Small Company Ecommerce Site Maintenance.

FootBottle – “Shopify”

Small Company Ecommerce Site Maintenance.
The Footbottle® is the world’s only fully-functional football and drink container! Featuring patented spiral technology and designed to be thrown, the Footbottle® is guaranteed to spiral with ANY amount of liquid inside! Simply fill it, throw it, drink it!

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Shopify Pro clients are always excited about the state of the art work and tremendous customer support given to them.

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