About KKT Hospital

Founded in 2003, KKT Orthopedic spine center is the leading network of pain treatment centers operating in 12 countries. Mainly it focused on the advanced treatment of joints, neck, and back. They use precise sound-generated waves to do the treatment.


  • Improve user experience to optimize conversion rate
  • Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Funnel
  • Result-driven SEO strategy to drive organic Web Traffic

What drove KKT Hospital to Shopify Pro?

  • Back in the years, KKT was having a low volume of walking patients. So, KKT partnered with Shopify Pro to help them to reach their prospective audience in a wider space.
  • Shopify Pro analyzed the KKT requirements and needs in detail and realized they need a complete digital marketing strategy for their business.
  • To serve with the best, we provided a complete digital marketing funnel that can drive potential leads to KKT.


For better interaction with leads and targeted digital marketing campaigns, the right CRM tool is important. KKT had no CRM solution with the absence of local branding. On the downside, there was a lack of cross-channel marketing approach to target clients with poor website experience.


To drive prospective customers to KKT orthopedic spine center, we undertook Cross-channel marketing. The first step was to redesign and optimize a website ready to cater high quality user experience to visitors.

Shopify Pro helped KKT with launching a highly targeted digital marketing campaign across different channels to attract leads and boost brand awareness. We identified business objectives through persona surveys to run a complete digital marketing funnel based on those objectives.


Aligning the business objectives with our digital strategy, we rolled up a focused cross-channel marketing campaign that included Facebook & Instagram lead generation campaign, Youtube Marketing and Facebook Messenger Bot. Shopify Pro team also executed an SEO campaign to ensure a huge volume of organic traffic to the site. Leveraging the Google Adwords Search and Display network, We allowed KKT to connect with more potential customers.

By implementing Prospecting, LLA and Retargeting campaigns, and personalized Marketing automation process we helped KKT in generating 3000 leads and 300+ patients in a month.


Since the start, KKT lacked in local branding and cross-channel marketing. With a highly targeted digital marketing funnel, In an year, KKT orthopedic spine center has witnessed 300% growth per annum.


Growth in an Year


Increase in Leads


Increase in Web Traf

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