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10 Best Ideas to Increase Website User Engagement



Increase Website User Engagement

Website User engagement – What exactly is, why is it so important?  These are some questions that may be rolling in your mind. Not to mention, it is a crucial sign that determines the success and ranking of a website. Every website is in competition with its rival brands to boost their level of engagement. Although, if you are successfully attracting a tremendous amount of traffic to your website, this does not mean much unless you are able to engage visitors and get them to execute the desired action.

Users engagement is the first important step in the conversion process. Before you can convince your website visitors to buy or subscribe you must have to engage them. Moreover, if customers take off your website in seconds it will adversely affect your bounce rate. So on the off chance website user engagement is so critical, what can you do to precisely enhance it? 

Not to worry…

Here, in this article, we will help you with the 10 best ideas to increase customer experience that will ultimately guide you to add fuel to increasing your conversion rate..

Let’s dive in.

Improve your Site Structure with sufficient whitespace

How your content, images, and text are going to appear has a significant role in user engagement. And that is where whitespace comes in. Yes, it is of great importance. A content that is arranged close to each other on the web page may look rushy and unclear to users. So, it should be displayed in such a way that can tell your customers what exactly your page is about. 

By following right visual hierarchy practices, you can control the appearance of your important website elements on site. Additionally, through rightful size, color, and contrasting, you can make your website stand out of competition. Likewise by making use of whitespaces, you can create and maintain balance in your design. You can ensure content legibility and clarity by leveraging the spaces between different sections, images, and blocks. 

Optimize the site speed

A website speed is crucial, having direct impact on site’s user engagement and eventually on conversions rate. Have you at any point gone to a site, just to get baffled by an agonizingly slow loading time? Let’s assume the case with your website. It’s actually a direct opportunity for your competitors, as a slow speed may result in taking and leaving your potential customers. Moreover, it’s also an important ranking factor that can help you in getting higher positions in SERPs. Speed play an important role in eCommerce conversion checklist.

In short, a good load speed = quality user-experience, high conversion rate, and more engagements to your website. 

It is considered an important strategy, so it’s crucial to optimize your website speed and responsiveness. Keep on monitoring and tracking to outperform your competitors. How to do that?

Pro tip to monitor your website speed: Monitoring your website speed is not a big deal, to generate speed metrics you can set up Google analytics or use Google Speed Insights. It’s a general rule that your website should load in 3 seconds or less time because taking time to load results in poor website user engagement. But the faster is the speed the better will be the results.

Well-organized Content and Page Structure 

Ensure a smooth and quality user experience by arranging your content and page in an organized way. What that content includes? It’s about the site’s navigation, dropdown, and easy checkout process. 

Through easy and well-organized page structure, you make it easy for users to find and navigate through your website. Keep your main-header navigation and drop-down text and alignment easy for visitors. Moreover, then comes the checkout process – complex the process, increased will be the abandoned cart rate.  Some experts believe that the checkout page is as important as the homepage or landing page. Additionally, by improving and optimizing the checkout process you can increase engagement and conversion rate. 

Deliver Diverse and Engaging Content on Website

“Content is the King and distribution is Queen”. And undoubtedly, creating valuable and engaging content can drive conversions to your business. Try to deliver diverse content of different types of content on your website that can capture visitor’s attention. You may be missing a chance to convert a visitor by remaining confined to the content and product photos.

Different content types include Infographics, Videos, Charts, and even Gifs. You can also share eBooks or guides relevant to your business to your website. Another important thing to consider is product image quality. Make sure you are adding high quality product images that can tell customers about your products. 

Pro tip; To boost engagement mix up your content with Interactive quizzes, High-quality photography, Repurposed Facebook Live videos, Charts and graphs, etc.

Improve Linking of your Website – Internal & External Links

Adding relevant links to other pages and products on your site is one of the exceptional ways to inspire customers to add more items to their carts. By adding internal links “Products You May Like…” or “People Also Bought…”, customers may add one or more products to their shopping cart.

Additionally, adding internal links makes your eCommerce site more straightforward to drag by search engines. It means they are quite able to understand your site structure and are more likely to rank your site. So, ultimately it increases the chances of generating organic traffic.

Fuel User Engagements by Content Upgrades 

Content upgrades are a great way to attract potential customers who may not be quite willing to purchase. Use their email address and market to them until they are ready to make a purchase on your site. Discounts are one of the popular content upgrades for eCommerce sites.

Always try to give something to your potential customers and may they find value in – something they are willing to hand their email addresses over for.

Following are some potential content upgrades that you can add to your site such as;

Free templates, Yearly holiday product guide, Sign up to receive a free tester product, etc.

Make use of compelling Call to Actions 

It is among the top 10 best ideas to increase website user engagement. The calls-to-action should be carefully used across the website to enhance customer engagement. You can guide your users to comment on your articles, and ask them to subscribe to your email list. You can likewise ask them to connect with you via social media.

The latchkey to make your CTAs stand out is using the right language according to conditions and acknowledge their careful installation. 

The business revenue considerably depends on the precise use of CTAs. For example, adding a “Buy Product” button to a blog post may seem a bit intrusive, but a “Learn More” CTA may be appropriate. Furthermore, you can add buttons like “See Reviews” or “Add to Cart” to your product pages, as these are amazingly effective and direct users exactly what they can or should do next. 

Leverage prominent search box on the website

Sometimes people visit websites in search of a particular thing. If they get confused while finding out that particular thing, they’re more likely to leave your website. Engage your visitors by providing them an easy way to find what they’re looking for. For this purpose add a notable search box that users can easily locate to find the specific product.

You may have noticed that most of the websites have their search box on the top left side. Consequently, visitors usually expect the search box to be located there. It’s always great to go simplistic with your search box design. However, adding features such as a drop-down menu or an auto-suggest feature could boost website user engagement.

Automate your website engagement with AI bots

The brands are extremely transforming their way of interacting and engaging with their customers via chatbots. They are considered the best conversational tool that delivers convenience, personalization, and decision support when your support team is on the go. Many customers want to see more websites with chatbots.

Bots are 24 hours active and engage customers throughout the peak hours or when your support is not available. As they immediately answer simple inquiries of customers and decrease the number of support tickets. Following are some main reasons that how chatbots prove to be great website engagement;

  • Immediate response 
  • Personalized support
  • Scalability 
  • Handle FAQs 

Understand your target audience

One of the great website engagement ideas is captivating insights into the preferences of your target audience. Conducting a survey ( by asking questions about what they like and what they expect from you) is a very helpful way to devise the content that can target an audience to truly engage with. This survey and feedback from them will explicate that where you should need improvement for good website user engagement. 

Pro tip: For better results avoid lengthy surveys and ask simple and short questions.


Hence, great website engagement will surely have a direct impact on business revenue by increasing sales and brand awareness. The best approach to keep your visitors engaged is by bringing different ideas together. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 best ideas to increase website user engagement that will provide you an ultimate guide. Meanwhile, you must need to be bold and determined in your content strategy to engage first-time and returning visitors.                     

Hope so, Shopify Pro helps you to better under understand that how to increase website user engagement.

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