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Ways to Measure Brand Awareness of Your eCommerce Store



In this digital world, brand awareness is the most important thing for businesses now. Yes, you need to work on your marketing efforts that can make your targeted audience aware of your brand’s existence. With that said, measuring brand awareness has become even more important otherwise you’ll have no idea how well your brand and marketing efforts are performing. 

However, it’s not an easy task! So thinking how can you measure your efforts and performance?

Good News – here we have covered the proven ways that can help you to measure this trickiest marketing KPI. Moreover, we have also shared some useful strategies that can help you to boost brand awareness.

Let’s start;

7 Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

Analyze Website Traffic

One of the easiest ways to measure your brand awareness is tracking website traffic directly coming to your business. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to analyze, monitor, and track the organic traffic to your website. 


Note: Direct traffic is that in which a user directly lands on your website by searching brand name instead of clicking on another website or link. 


So, analyzing the direct website traffic over a period of time can help you to measure brand awareness. Moreover, it will let you know how many people are specifically looking for your brands. 


Pro Tip: To get a better idea about brand awareness, always look for long-term traffic on web analytics tools. 

Conduct Brand Awareness Survey


Nowadays, surveys on social media, websites, and emails have become popular where you can ask your visitors, new, and even the existing customers how they come across to your brand. Moreover, through the questionnaire, you can also ask your prospective customers whether they are familiar with your brand or not. Reach your targeted group by keeping the location the same and you will get useful insights about brand awareness ( how people heard about your brand & the number of people who know about your brand).


Surveys are usually done through online forms and questionnaires. You can customize the options depending on the information you are seeking from your prospective customers.

Analyze and Measure Referral Traffic

Another actionable insight that can help you to measure your brand awareness is Referral Traffic. It helps you to know how many people found your website through social media or any other blog referral link. Referring traffic can also drive engagements to your website and business. Keep on analyzing the quality referring traffic as they are the one that are likely to convert.

Measure Search Volume through Google Search Console and Google Analytics SC. By measuring these KPIs, you’ll get the idea of your brand visibility on Google Search Results

Just like Google Analytics, Google Search Console is another powerful webmaster tool that can help you to measure your branding efforts. Moreover, you can also measure metrics like impressions, click-through rate, and clicks you are getting on specific branding campaigns through G.

Monitor Social Media Reach

Social media platforms not only help you to reach your targeted customer but also a great way to monitor brand awareness! Analyze whether the people are engaging with your brand or not. The no. of likes and shares you are getting from social media channels determine how much people are interacting with your brand. Not to mention, social media reach is one of the indicators to measure brand awareness. 

Measure Backlink Success

Getting organic backlinks is another great way to measure brand awareness. It is a signal that you are sharing valuable content and a reliable source.

 If you want to be a business leader in the industry, you should share informative content with your customers. Low backlinks ratio means your targeted audience could not find you. Through SEO efforts, you can build up your brand authority that will eventually increase brand awareness. 

Gauge your Brand’s Share of Voice

Share of Voice (SoV) is an important marketing metric that can help you to evaluate your brand awareness compared to other competitors. Measuring your Brand’s Share of Voice gives you an idea of where your brand stands in the bigger picture of different marketing channels. Moreover, you’ll get important insights and performance data that can help you in improvement. 


In short, your brand SoV determines your marketing share in advertising. Invest wisely so that whenever a customer thinks of buying a specific product, your brand should come to their mind.

Important KPIs to Measure Brand Awareness

In measuring your brand awareness, you may come across some important key metric terms. These KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) or Metrics are important to analyze and evaluate the efforts. So, here we have covered important KPIs to measure brand awareness. 

In the digital marketing world, you may have heard a question

“What is your average post reach or how much reach do the post get?”

Yes, reach is an important social media metric that can help you to measure the impact of your marketing efforts on different channels.
Basically Reach is the total number of unique users who viewed or seen specific content. For example, if 500 people viewed the post, the reach will be 500. 




Impressions is the measure of the number of times the content is viewed or seen. 


According to CoSchedule,

“Impressions help measure the number of people who have seen a post, even if they didn’t click, comment, or otherwise engage with that post.”

Let me explain it more clearly,

For example, your specific ad is displayed to a user in his feed 100 times then the impressions you’ll get will be 100. However, it’s still the user’s choice whether he will click on the ad or not.


We are all familiar with the term “Mentions” in which a user usually mentions a brand or product as a reference to a post.

Social media mentions are an important brand awareness KPI that is the measure of how many times a brand is mentioned by the user across different social media channels. High mention volume is the indicator of high brand awareness. 

Pro Tip: Analyze and evaluate your brand mentions to see if you are getting positive or negative mentions. If these are negative, make sure to address and resolve the issue.


Clicks are a powerful key performance indicator determining your campaign’s success. Moreover, it is the direct source of traffic and conversions i.e. higher number of people clicking on your ad means higher will be the click-through-rate and eventually higher conversion rate. 


Increasing the CTR by 2X will result in an increased conversion rate by 50%. However, clicking doesn’t always mean that someone is going to buy from you. 



Engagement is the measure of the interactions your brand is getting e.g. Likes, Shares, and Comments. 


It also helps you in determining whether the content you are sharing resonates with your targeted audience on social media or not. Better the engagement rate, improved will be the brand awareness, loyalty, and trust. 

5  Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness 


Let’s dig deep into the effective strategies that can surely help you to increase brand awareness. 

Be Consistent in Presenting your Brand Image 


The most important aspect in increasing your brand awareness is building a consistent brand identity. It is reported that the brands that maintain brand consistency and uniformity can see 33% revenue growth with 4X improved brand visibility. 

So, make sure to present your brand using the same visuals, values, and colors across all marketing channels. Some of the tips to maintain brand consistency are as follow 


  • Make your Brand Design Guide
  • Maintain Consistency in Visuals 
  • Keep your Content & Messaging Consistent Across All Platforms 
  • Deliver High Quality Content 


Run Advertising Campaigns 


Leveraging the social media advertising channels i.e. Facebook & Instagram, you can increase brand awareness and scale your business.

By running Facebook brand awareness campaigns, you can reach a large group of people and boost brand awareness among your targeted audience. The main goal of brand awareness is to reach the people who are more likely to recall whenever they need a service (you’re offering).

Pro Tip: Brand Awareness Campaigns don’t work alone to convert your customers. Use it along with other advertising types in a marketing funnel.


Create Referral Programs 


Referral marketing is a technique to boost brand awareness. It is a way to incentivize and reward the customers for referring your product to other people. Big names like PayPal, Amazon Prime, and Dropbox have powerful referral programs for loyal customers. It is also a great way to build a strong relationship with your existing customers.

The more brand advocates you have promoting the products, the increased will be reach and brand awareness. 

 Partner Up with Influencers 


You can never overlook influencer marketing in increasing brand awareness. Reach out influencers and collaborate with them to promote your brand and products. 


Influencers have a huge fan following on social media platforms that will give you the opportunity to prospect your brand identity to a wider audience. You can host giveaways and contests with them to create hype of your brand.

 Build a Strong Brand Community 


If you want to be the industry leader make sure to give a positive impact by sharing valuable and informative content. By building a strong community you can create value as a brand and strong brand recognition.


Moreover, by harnessing the power of community, you can also boost brand awareness, drive engagement, and conversions.

Shopify Pro has a community of “Shopify Tips & Trends” where the top industry leaders share information, tips, and trends in the industry of e-commerce.“


Brand Awareness is the building block of your marketing strategy. We hope the article has helped you to answer your questions regarding how to measure brand awareness. Moreover, if you have any further suggestions or proven strategies to increase brand awareness share with us in the comments!


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