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why user-friendly Ecommerce website is important why user-friendly Ecommerce website is important


Why User-friendly design is important for your E-commerce website



It is a known fact that when you choose to start an online selling business, you need a website to communicate with your customers effectively. 

Because only a well-structured and user-friendly website could help you to drive and attract your prospective customers. 


A combined term of “User-Friendly” is used for efficient interaction with customers. It is without question very important for anyone who wants to start an online business to set up a user-friendly website or an E-commerce store. In simple words, user-friendly can be understood as a thing that is easy to use and delivers a quality user experience. 


Thus, if you are setting up your online business to drive huge sales & traffic and not optimizing it for users – then you are leaving the money on the table. 


Here in this article, we’ll help you to know why it is important to have a user-friendly website for your e-commerce business. 


So, let’s start;


Why develop a User-Friendly website?


Now, you must be wondering why it is so important to make a user-friendly website for your E-commerce business? Let us go through some details; creating a website is not just building up an idea of what you want or want to do on an online platform and sit comfortably. Additionally, It is totally up to you what you use to make your online e-commerce business a successful one. 


However, if you have developed a fully equipped and well-structured website and all the important elements of a website are covered in it, nothing is ignored but still not able to generate a sufficient amount of traffic? Just sit and think for a second about what you are doing wrong? Maybe it is the design of your website which is not as compelling as it should be. That is why it is very essential to choose the layout and design of your website very carefully. 


Benefits of a user-friendly website design for your E-commerce business:


In order to understand the importance of a user-friendly design for an E-commerce website, let us look into its benefits;


Increases the loading speed of your e-commerce website:


It is no secret that when we ought to buy something online, we search a lot for its different pages and compete with each other in order to know the best website to buy. But when a site is not providing a faster loading speed, it becomes the reason for our frustration. 


Undoubtedly, nowadays the youth is the most impatient one than anyone else. We all want whatever we desire at once. However, being impatient does not always result in good results, but it is entirely another matter! You need to focus on that your website’s design must be user-friendly because when it is simple, elegant, and not complex, it will surely have a positive effect on the loading speed of your E-commerce website.

You can check your store speed on Google Page Speed Insight.


Provide your Information about your Brand 


A user-friendly design also means providing all the specific information about your product that your customer is searching for. Just imagine that you have displayed a beautiful and compelling image of your selling product on your website’s page but have not mentioned its price and details – which causes the customer to look all over your website and scroll through different pages and spend his worthy time? Definitely to know about the price of that product.

Therefore, it is absolutely important for you to build a compelling and user-friendly E-commerce website design, providing all the basic information needed regarding the product. 


Build Customer Confidence:


In the modern age, people are usually looking for ways to buy while sitting at home through any good-selling and trustworthy E-commerce website. And when they buy, it is no secret that they also tell every single person that they have a good experience of online buying and will surely recommend the website.

However, the same goes for the worst case!


 When your website is not user-friendly and too difficult to operate, people tell their friends and relatives not to buy from that page or site, which in turn results in the shut down of your online business. Who would want that? Therefore, you need to make sure to deliver a quality customer experience to customers that can build customer confidence. 


Build Trust of Shoppers


When a website is created keeping in mind customers, it is important to build the trust of people so that they visit and purchase more from your site. It will take time for you to build the trust of people on your website but once achieved; they will become your loyal customers. So, user-friendly designs help you in this regard. It will allow the customers to experience ease in navigating between the pages, and hence they will be inclined to make a purchase.


When your customers quickly find out what they are looking for, they will come again to shop from your site, and they will even motivate others in their friend circle to shop from your store. You can make sure that your customer has a firm belief in you by making the checkout process as easy as possible. Because this is where most of the customers feel problems and confusion, and instead of moving forward, they leave their cart abandoned.


Increases your market approach


A good and user friendly design will definitely increase your market reach and will let you drive more traffic to your site and hence earn more profits. People prefer to visit websites that are easy to navigate and roam around. With solid marketing strategies, you will be able to promote your website and make it popular. It will result in a chain reaction as your first set of customers will bring you the next, and the chain continues to grow. So, make sure that your website’s design is very simple, interactive, and easy to understand. Everything should be easily available on the homepage and on the pages you have in your store. Make sure to make your design interactive by adding videos and images as well for better comprehension of your site.


Increase your business’s sales:


As we have talked about above, employing a user-friendly website design for your e-commerce business will increase customer confidence. That will lead to recommendation and BOOM! The traffic on your website increases which will, in turn, give rise to the ratio of the sales of your business.

Therefore, this crucial factor should not be ignored at any cost. We have talked and discussed a number of benefits it provides to you and your business, of course! But the most important one is that it is the basis of driving more ROI (Return on investment). 


How to make your Ecommerce website’s design User-Friendly?


Building up user-friendly e-commerce web design is no rocket science, but only some basic and important factors need to be considered effectively. People might think that they have developed a website and they are ready to step into the world of e-commerce, which is wrong! First, you need to make sure you have covered all the essential factors of creating a website efficient and user-friendly.


Wondering how? Below are discussed some of the basics that you can use to make your user-friendly ecommerce business’s website design;


Be simple in your words:


The first and foremost factor that helps you to create a user-friendly website is that you need to write your content in as simple words as possible. If a user could not find what he is looking for on your website, he might leave your website immediately.

Wouldn’t you want that, right? So, therefore, it is very essential that the information your page provides is easy and written simply so the customer can understand it and look further to make a purchase or a sale. 


Improve your Site’s Navigation

Your website should be built for the customers. Sometimes when a person is scrolling through a website, it shows a number of options that will take you to other related pages that are probably sub-groups of the main one. Similarly, the categories and subcategories of different products help in finding the relevant products quickly. On the same side, sometimes the navigation structure is so confusing and challenging, which confuses your customers a lot. 


So, make sure your main menu or navigation is clear and not having narrow fonts and styles. It should be simple as well that can help the visitor to search and find the relevant product easily. 


Run A/B Test of your Site:


It is common that when we make something meaningful, first we take the review of our friends or family. Similarly, in the world of website designing, you need to be sure that you have made your site according to the set rules and right methodologies and whether it is fulfilling the customer’s needs or not. 

To do so, first, you need to test your website on different search engines because you can’t be sure how your customer would be interacting with you, right? 

Therefore, with testing and running your website on different browsers, you can be sure whether your website is working properly and ready to drive sales. 


Make your Checkout Process Easy 


One bad customer experience is equal to the loss of 100 customers.

When talking about building a user-friendly website for an ecommerce business, you need to be careful about everything from displaying images of your products to the check-out processes. Therefore, your website must include an easy check-out process that will make it possible for customers to make a specific purchase without getting into never-ending details. 

On the other hand, if your check-out process is too time-taking and detailed, your customer will surely quit in the middle of his order. So, to deliver a quality shopping experience to your customers, ensure an easy to process checkout. 



Use of CTA’s:


Another important factor that will undoubtedly lead towards the success of your user-friendly e-commerce website is the use of CTA’s (Call-to-Action). These types of buttons, if made and run effectively, will contribute a lot to the success of your online business. 

Call-to-action buttons help the customers to perform some important and specific tasks right away and quickly so that their time is saved and the task is also achieved.

If we look into the example, some commonly used CTA’s are; 

  • Shop Now
  • Click here to proceed.
  • Download now
  • Avail Discount
  • Look at the Sale! Etc. 


Using these types of CTA’s will prompt your customer to click on them to go into further details. Moreover, you need to be careful about the appearance of your CTA buttons; attractive and compelling ones would gain a much faster and larger response.


Final Thoughts:


As we have discussed above, a user-friendly website design is of core importance for your e-commerce business. It lets the customer browse through the website and look into the products and pages more efficiently. 


The article has covered why it is so important to have a user-friendly e-commerce website and what points must be considered to achieve this goal. However, Shopify Pro, as a full-service e-commerce development agency, will help you to elevate your brand’s presence by developing a site that will deliver a quality user experience. 


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