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How to Use Google Analytics? How to Use Google Analytics?

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How to Use Google Analytics to Find Your Highly Trafficked Website Pages or Content?



Google Analytics: To grow your business, it is necessary to measure your performance. If you want to bring more traffic to your website, then you must measure your SEO performance on regular basis to optimize your content and to see what is working for you, and how to fix the issues that are not performing well for you.

Most of the tools are paid but, there is a free solution to monitor your SEO performance and to check which pages are bringing more traffic to your website.

This tool is Google Analytics, and it is free for everyone with a Google account. Here you can see which content is most popular on your website and bringing more visitors to it. Google Analytics can help you to improve your ranking but, there is a lot more to take out with Google analytics. So here in this post, we are going to tell you how you can use it to find the most popular blog posts or content on your website or you can use the Google Analytics to track your Social Media  Marketing success.

How to Use Google Analytics?

First, you need to sign in to your Google Analytics account, and then you will go to the behavior option in the left navigation menu. Here you need to select the “site content” and “all pages”. After selecting it, you will see a list of all pages and their ranking from top to bottom. You can see there how many page views your posts have?

This page will also show you unique page views and average time spent on each page and bounce rate. You can print this report to check your top-performing pages and make strategies to optimize them.

You can add a powerful call to action, keywords, additional SEO-rich content to drive more traffic to the pages with less traffic. You can write more content on the topics that are popular among your visitors.

Make sure to optimize this blog post with internal links. Add more content to your most popular posts and update their information periodically to keep them fresh.

Once you know in which topics your visitors are most interested, you can update its content and landing page by adding questions and answers or other information your audience is mainly interested in.

It will improve the value of your website, engage the users more, and ultimately will turn them to generate leads.

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