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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


9 Trending LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses in 2022



With over 756 million users, LinkedIn is the far most important B2B social media platform connecting professionals, thought leaders, decision-makers, and B2B marketers.

Now, LinkedIn has grown as an effective marketing tool helping to generate potential B2B leads for businesses. It can help to increase brand awareness, improve online reputation, and to reach prospective customers. 

If used properly, LinkedIn can generate 200% more leads than Facebook. Posting selling or promotional content on LinkedIn can make it spammy; thus, you need the right marketing strategy specific to LinkedIn to leverage the power of this powerful marketing tool. 

In this article, you’ll find 9 trending LinkedIn marketing strategies for small businesses in 2022 and some useful tips to hit right on LinkedIn with your marketing strategy. 

 1- Setup your Company/Business Profile on LinkedIn

Business Profile on LinkedIn

The very first step to building your LinkedIn marketing strategy is to create your company profile on LinkedIn. 

Your company or business page serves as a bridge between prospects and your brand where you can showcase your services or products to potential clients. To build value through your business page, make sure to add all relevant information about your business and fill all important fields. 

Leverage the power of LinkedIn showcase pages – an extension of your brand page on LinkedIn. Such pages allow you to meet your growth objectives by highlighting your specific products or services. 

2- Share Engaging Content

Your marketing strategy should be designed in a way to increase engagements. Posting high-quality and engaging content on your profile can help you achieve this goal. 

Curate valuable and informative content that should answer customer’s questions and engage them with your business. Instead of posting regularly about your business, i.e., promotional content, create customer-centric in-depth knowledgeable content. It will spotlight your brand as 

industry thought leader. 

You can either post an article, image, or even a video on LinkedIn. If you have a blog, directly share your blog post on your page. 

Keep posting valuable and informative content on LinkedIn and be focused on crafting engaging content rather than being spammy. 

Pro Tip:  Make sure to post content often on LinkedIn to engage the audience

Try to engage your audience through your content – ask questions, create polls and make others engage with your post.

3- Build your Content Marketing Strategy

Build your Content Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is a leading B2B social media platform where different B2C customers can benefit from this powerful tool. 

It’s a platform where most CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and thought leaders share valuable information. So before sharing or starting posting on LinkedIn, you should create a complete content marketing strategy by knowing LinkedIn algorithms. 

Pro Tip: Before jumping into content sharing, analyze which type of content should be posted on LinkedIn. 

4- Keep your Competitor Analysis Game Strong

Over 50 million companies are there on LinkedIn, making it the most trusted and important social media platform for companies on the internet. So, it makes competitor analysis a crucial factor for success on LinkedIn – Know and monitor continuously what your competitors are doing!

Find and connect with your competitors on LinkedIn; in this, you will be able to monitor their activities. Build your analysis goals and find your 3-4 competitive competitors to know about their LinkedIn content marketing strategy. It will help you to build your effective marketing strategy. 

 5- Use LinkedIn Analytics 

Measure the performance and optimize your marketing strategy using LinkedIn analytics. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn doesn’t allow other MI providers to track performance but the goal can be achieved using Analytics.

LinkedIn analytics gives you a quick look at visitors, post impressions & engagements, and followers. Through it, you can have an in-depth summary of different metrics that are important in determining the success of your marketing strategy.

By analyzing and measuring different metrics, you can improve the audience reach and engagement of your company page on LinkedIn. 

6- Use LinkedIn Sales Solutions to find Right Prospect

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn Sales Solutions can help you reach your right buyers and effectively rev up your LinkedIn marketing game. 

Typically, LinkedIn is used by the sales team to generate and prospect the right customers. However, with over 450M members, LinkedIn is now considered a powerful B2B social media platform connecting potential buyers and sellers. 

It can help you find the right people efficiently, track the leads and existing relationships, and prospect & sales activities prioritization. 

Leverage the power of the Sales Navigator tool to 

  • Find the right people and companies
  • Get Sales insights 
  • Target and Engage the right prospect

7- Start LinkedIn Group 

LinkedIn groups are a great networking opportunity, and to be successful on LinkedIn, just remember one simple rule – Always be connecting! 

Starting your own LinkedIn group can help you reach targeted people in your industry niche where you can build authentic relationships with industry professionals and potential customers. 

But, remember one thing, don’t create sales-centric or marketing centric groups just to sell or marketize your business; instead, try to engage the audience with valuable content where people can acquire answers to their questions. 

It allows you to create an engaging forum where you can connect and reach your potential buyers. 

Here we are sharing some useful ways to benefit from your LinkedIn group. 

– Do Encourage Engagements by Asking Questions

– Create and Share Content After Comprehensive Research

– Using LinkedIn Search Function, Create a List of Potential Customers

– Personalized Messaging to Build Connection 

– Build and Promote your Brand as a Thought Leader 

8- and LinkedIn Advertising…

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is the right channel to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and target prospective customers. It comes with advanced targeting options based on location, industry, degree, work history, and many others. 

It is a great choice for businesses who want to target a specific audience ( Account-based Marketing) through dedicated marketing campaigns. 

There are different type of LinkedIn Ads that includes 

– Sponsored Content 

– Sponsored inMail

– Text Ads 

– Dynamic Ads 

Like Facebook advertising, the LinkedIn platform also works on a bidding system where you can show your ad to the audience of your choice. 

Based on marketing objectives & goals, you can choose the right LinkedIn ad type for your advertising campaign.

9- Retarget , Retarget & Retarget

Retarget the potential customers who interacted with your brand and likely to convert. LinkedIn advertising allows you to reach your prospective customers while remarketing or retargeting can help you to convert those visitors into buyers. 

Using Matched Audience and Website Retargeting Tool, you can retarget website or account visitors with more accuracy. This way, you can target more industry professionals and the right prospects through your marketing campaign. 

Retargeting Ads can convert 70% of the potential customers who are likely to buy, give 10x better average CTR, and helps you to capture an audience who might be interested but got away without responding. 


Creating an actionable LinkedIn marketing strategy can be challenging. Still, with proper plan and analysis, you can craft the right effective strategy that can help your business grow on LinkedIn. 

We hope this article has covered your questions and helped you build the right LinkedIn marketing campaign. 

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