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Top Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2020



Over the years, digital marketing trends have been changing significantly. In this digital era, marketers must stay updated with the latest digital marketing approaches to stay ahead of the competition. Here we have compiled the top emerging digital marketing trends that will have a great impact on your digital marketing strategy in 2020.

Chat bots

Chat bots have improved business operations tremendously. Nowadays, there is a quick adoption of the chat bots in multiple industries because these are comfortable to use and interact.

These chat bots can respond within seconds and provides ultimate solutions to the queries of people. It is the most comfortable approach in the global market. The chat bots are the best source to provide accurate answers to the customer’s queries. Using chat bots can enhance customer engagement and result in increasing business productivity.

A/B Testing – Digital Marketing Trends 

SEO A/B split testing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing strategies as it helps to analyze the performance of website traffic and helps in making improvements accordingly. With this testing, you can adjust your website content. It helps you in reducing your bounce rates and supports you to adopt various approaches to enhance your website performance.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is so engaging and is a shareable approach used on various social media platforms. It is an effective way to promote your business to reach your targeted audience. Anything from services to testimonials can be added to your video.

It is one of the most important approaches and a hot digital marketing trend to look out in the coming years. It improves your website ranking and attracts your targeted audience to your social media platforms.

Visual Search Trend – Digital Marketing Trends 

A visual search engine helps the users to find the information based on an image. It can be anything from a product or service to the location of a business. It is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning analysis. As a result, it generates relevant results. With this approach, you can upload an image to get the exact results.

The visual search method is now increasingly used by different E-Commerce businesses as it boosts the SEO and enhances user experience.

Marketers are looking for ways to improve their digital marketing strategies to reach their customers. Digital marketing trends are continuously changing, so you must have the best strategies to grow your business online.

I hope these trends will help you to drive more traffic to your site. But, if you want better results then, you need to hire a digital marketing agency.

Shopify Pro understands your business needs,  so we explore various aspects of digital marketing and leverage your business to the next level.

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