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How to Start a Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store



Nowadays, everyone is trying to find a way to start their own e-commerce business. It would not be wrong to say that this trend of building an online ecommerce website and store is projected to increase in the upcoming years. The major reason for the decline in in-person or physical businesses is that people have faced hard times of pandemic conditions. People had to figure a way out of this trap, and there they are – successfully thriving in the world of ecommerce.

We all are well aware of all the nooks and crannies of Shopify. We now know Shopify as the biggest platform for ecommerce business online. It is not only easy to use but also very convenient to manage. Additionally, Shopify has given rise to quite a dormant method of doing business, Dropshipping. This is not a new term to those who already know about the ecommerce business. But for better comprehension, continue to read below as we are going to explain it.

Dropshipping is a method and popular product sourcing business model which allows you to act as an intermediary between your customer and the supplier you hire. You do not have to do anything by yourself. All you need to do is – make sure that your supplier is on board with you and does all the work. Do not worry; the customer will never know about it.

Why do people choose Dropshipping?

People wish to earn more in a very short time, and at the same time, they do not want to make an effort to earn it. Well, dropshipping helps you if you want the same or looking for ways to start an online business. This method is chosen by the people in order to generate a huge and continuous stream of revenue. Definitely, every business takes time to flourish. So, this business will also require months to achieve a stability status but once achieved; it will allow you to drive profit.

It is in human nature not to tolerate anyone bossing around them. Dropshipping has made it easier for you. It allows you to be your own boss without any interference. Dropshipping does not bind you to any office environment. It only requires a stable and fast internet connection as you will have to be in contact with your customers to run the business smoothly.

How does Shopify integrate with Dropshipping?

Shopify and Dropshipping work hand in hand. The primary reason behind this is that they both complement each other. Shopify works well with Oberlo or Dropified, which are a few of the well-known Dropshipping services that we know. You can also add up as much staff for your help as you want because Shopify allows you to do so. It will allow you to start right away without thinking much.

There are many others in this business too, but the reason why Shopify is preferred is the easy and user friendly interface it has and not to forget the popularity it has achieved in a very less time.

Creating a Shopify Dropshipping Store

It is very easy to create an online Shopify Dropshipping store. But the success lies in running it successfully and ensuring its maintenance. So to help you with this, we have rounded up a list of easy steps that can help you to start Shopify Dropshipping store and make it a big hit;

  • Shopify Account Creation:

Creating a Shopify store account is not any rocket science. It is merely a matter of some steps. You just have to visit the website of Shopify and click on the option “ Get Started” then, you will be able to create your account. It is to be noted that you will be able to enjoy the free trial of Shopify for 14 days, and then you will be able to purchase it as per the monthly plan you opt for. You can also extend your trial up to 90 days by emailing to Shopify support.

When your account has been created, you can start to use it. But before, name this baby.

Think of an easy and memorable name for your Shopify account. This will help you to be part of an already established market. Then you will be able to explore different themes for free to revamp your store’s appearance. Make sure that you choose an easy to configure theme because the more user friendly the theme, the more your customers will be able to navigate. If you want to go for a more customized option, then it is advised to purchase any premium theme that suits the store concept. However, Shopify Pro is backed by a team of experienced developers that can help you in Shopify website design and development services. So whether you want to build your website from scratch or need tweaks to your existing website, we got you covered. 

  • Time to add products

When you are done and created your Shopify account, now it’s time to add the products to your Shopify Store. You just can not add the products randomly into your store. You have to look for them and analyze them first. So, at your Shopify store’s dashboard, you will be able to see the option of “Apps” in the left tab. From there, you will have to install any of your desired Dropshipping apps like Alibaba or AliExpress.

Now look for the products in your installed Dropshipping app and import them to your store. You will have to repeat this process for all the products that you want to add to your store. Here, you give every product a “tag” that will help your customers find out which product they want, and the process continues.

  • Let us customize your store

After successfully adding all the products to your store, now you will have to customize your store’s look to stand out in the competition. Boastful, isn’t it? Well, you can do this.

The theme you have selected after the account creation in the first step can be customized. You can change or alter the layout, header, or footer. You can even add up images to make it more attractive and speak for its own. However, make sure to add relevant images. These can be imported from your own image library on your laptop, or else you can get them from “Burst,” which is a Shopify image library. The images should be of very high resolution with a professional look. You can add up a logo for your brands to enhance the appearance of the product.

You can add up as many pages you like in your store, for example:

  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Faqs page and many more.

Shopify does not bound you in this regard. You can add attractive taglines to your product with accurate and relevant descriptions about it. Make sure that you mention everything. You will have to make sure it is easy to navigate in between your pages, and CTA buttons are visible clearly on every page. You can also add reviews and ratings to your store and offer free shipping if it suits your budget.

Then the last step in customization will be the addition of a customized domain name that will cost you very low, up to $ 15 for the whole year.

  • Payment Configuration

It is now time to add the payment method once you are done with all the preliminary processes. You will find the payment section in the settings button enabled in the left pane of your store. Upon clicking on it, you will see the “ payment provider” button, which will give you certain payment options, for example, bitcoin, PayPal, etc., preferably PayPal is used more frequently by the customers.

Then you will have to define the refunding policy by making your page legal. You can add your customized policy and terms and conditions according to your requirements. Then comes the shipping – you will have to choose your shipping cost. Most of the store owners offer free shipping worldwide by incorporating the shipping cost into your product’s price. It is more attractive for the customer as you plan your store’s policies according to your customer’s psychology.

  • Time to launch your Dropshipping store

Now launch your store and do some of its marketing to gain more traffic and thus more profits.

Success Projection in Shopify Dropshipping business:

This business will bring you a lot of profit as it has commonly been practiced worldwide. According to some stats, about 60 percent of the population is now moving towards the Dropshipping trend. The major reason is the prevailing Covid-19.

However, the success rate is what you think you want to achieve. If you believe that you can make a profit in 5 figures, then an equal amount of effort is required from your side, and you will also require some strong suppliers to maintain your inventory, as mentioned above.

Why hiring any Dropshipping supplier?

When you don’t need to deal with things like delivery time and fulfilling your own order, you have more time to focus on building your website in a different way. For example, you can experiment with pop-ups to ensure that people live on your website longer or offer various offers to segmented customers through email marketing.

 If you have someone else to handle delivery time and orders on your behalf also mean you have more time to track things like ratings and ensure that your website appears on search engine results for the keywords you choose. Basically, Dropshipping suppliers take the hustle of supplying and buying from your shoulder when you run an online business, so you can concentrate on the other things that need your attention.


Summing Up!


We believe that the greater the risk, the greater will be the amount of profit received. But, you will have to keep in mind that it takes a few seconds to turn the table, and all your profit can turn to loss. Shopify and Dropshipping are the best matches when they work together. So do not worry about it at all. We have to understand that doing this business involves a minimum amount of risk, keeping in mind the prevailing conditions. This process is about purchasing when receiving an order from the customer. Else there is no need to make large purchases. You will definitely purchase in bulk when you receive such an order and then process further. Although the element of risk is very low here, it is advised to act wisely.

All you have to do here is put in all your efforts, time, and most importantly, money. So, you need not think twice about it as it allows you to choose any niche of product like Health and Personal care, Kitchen and Grocery, Wardrobe and Accessories, Camera and Cellphone accessories, Gaming, Car accessories and what not! So do not fear stepping into this new world of online business. It will bring less profit to you initially, but once the store establishes itself well in the market, you can achieve a bulk amount of profits in no time. The biggest gain that you will earn is the satisfaction of running your own business successfully. 




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