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8 Social Media Optimization Tips to Improve your Campaign’s Reach



Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool, and every business wants to grow on social media platforms. To increase brand awareness and drive better results, you need to optimize your business social profiles. Here comes Social Media Optimization!

Social Media Optimization is an effective way to increase brand awareness, build a strong online reputation, and drive a huge volume of traffic to your business on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In this article, we’ve covered 8 Social Media Optimization Tips to help you to create a successful Social Media Optimization strategy for your business. These tips will definitely help you but if you want better results then you should hire a Marketing Agency that can handle your Social Media Accounts. One of the Leading and trusted Marketing Company is Shopify Pro.

What is Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is the process of optimizing social media platforms to increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and drive measurable results from actionable social media plans.

It allows businesses to grow their online presence, reach their targeted audience, and eventually increase the conversion rate.

It not only helps you to generate leads but also helps in building a brand’s trust and authority online. It lets you reach an untapped audience of your niche. You may come across a relevant term, “ Search Engine Optimization”; both SMO and SEO have the same goals – to reach a wider audience.

6 Reasons Why SMO is Important For Small Businesses

Social Media Optimization is important to market your products and services. As a small business, having the right social media optimization plan is important to reach your targeted audience and increase brand awareness.

If you are still wondering why SMO is important? Here we’ve enlisted some reasons that can explain why social media marketing is crucial for your business.

To Increase Visibility

Using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can increase the visibility of your brand or online store. By improving the visibility of your social media profiles, you can also improve the search engine visibility of your brand.

To Drive Traffic

Social Media Optimization can also help drive a huge traffic flow volume to your website from social media platforms. It allows you to reach a global customer base through your social media channels and convert potential visitors into buyers.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Through social media optimization, you can also improve the search engine ranking of your website. SMO indirectly has an influence on search rankings that can drive traffic to your website. By creating and sharing engaging content, and social bookmarking, you can generate high-quality links that will eventually improve your search ranks.

To Generate Leads

Social Media Optimization is considered an effective lead generation technique to target and generate highly qualified leads. With over billions of active users, Facebook generates high-quality leads. In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn is also known as a B2B lead generation social media platform. By getting into the right social media platform for business, you can achieve your lead generation goals.

To Build Strong Online Presence

A strong online presence is crucial to building online authority and the trust of your brand. Social Media Optimization can help you establish a strong web presence and improve your brand’s visibility so that you can reach your targeted audience.

To Increase Organic Reach

It also allows you to reach a wider audience relevant to your business niche. Social media helps businesses to reach their right audience and present their brand in front of a large number of users.

How to Create Social Media Optimization Strategy

1- Define Your Goals

To create a winning Social Media strategy, you must define your SMART business goals. SMART goals mean they should be
– Specific
– Measurable
– Accurate
– Relevant
– Timely

Make your plan by defining your clear goals for social media.

2- Create your Audience Persona

To target and reach the right, you must need to know your audience. Create your audience persona based on different information like Age, Interests, Location, Qualifications or job, etc. Knowing your customers can help you to create the right and engaging content specific to their interests.

It will also help you to gain more engagements, likes, and followers on social media.

3- Know your Competitors

Make yourself strong at competitor’s analysis.

Analyzing your competitors who are doing good in your niche can help you in the right targeting of customers. Find at least 3-4 competitors on different platforms, analyze their strategy and create your plan accordingly that can make you stand out of the competition.

4- Setup your Social Profiles

Before creating your accounts on social media, you also need to consider which platform is right for your business, i.e. Twitter is the right choice to provide customer services. At the same time, Facebook is ideal for advertising and campaigns.

Once you decide which platform to go to, set up your company/business profiles by providing all necessary information about your business that might be helpful for your customer.

5- Create Content Calendar

To perform better than your competitors, it’s essential to create engaging and valuable content for your audience. Creating a content calendar with a proper posting schedule can maximize your page engagements.

6- Measure the Performance of your SMO strategy

Track and monitor the performance of your social media optimization strategy to maximize the impact of your strategy. Analyze whether you have met all your KPIs and which post/content drives more traffic to your business.

It can help you to improve your strategy for better results.

8 Social Media Optimization Tips to Improve Organic Reach

Optimize your SMO strategy

For better results and success on social media, you must optimize your SMO strategy. By defining clear business goals and choosing the right platform for your business. Your strategy must be designed in a way that can increase engagements, brand awareness and build a solid online presence.

Perform Competitive Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial in social media optimization. They allow you to come up when someone searches for relevant search terms. These Keywords can help you to reach the audience who are searching for specific information using those keywords.

Find competitive keywords that your targeted audience might be using to find information. It can help you to drive people and engagements to your social media business page. You can perform keyword research using different tools.

Use these keywords in your content, descriptions, or captions whenever you share any post on social media.

Optimize your Social Media Profiles & Accounts

Optimizing your social media profiles is an effective SMO technique that can drive a prospective audience to your page.

Like SEO, It can help you to improve your business visibility.

To optimize your social media profile

  • Use brand logo
  • Complete all necessary information
  • Include Keywords in the description
  • Link your page to other social media profiles
  • Add Link to your Main Website

Also, consider using optimized, high-quality images and keyword-rich descriptions on all social media accounts.

Optimize your Content Strategy

As a social media marketer, you may know the importance of a powerful content strategy. Sharing valuable and in-depth knowledgeable content is also crucial for success on social media. Include the different sets of media in your content strategy, i.e. images, text, audio, video, and infographics.

Make your content strategy according to the platform. For example, for Instagram, BTS shots, product shots, quotes, and stories work well, while for Twitter, curated content and News is great. LinkedIn is a B2B marketing platform where you can post informative content.

Post high quality and optimized content using compelling headlines that can attract your audience.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are another way to increase the visibility and organic reach of posts. Like keywords, people use hashtags to find specific information. Using hashtags, your posts can come up in front of your targeted audience even if they are not following you.

Use relevant and trending hashtags specific to your industry/niche that your competitors may be using. Don’t make your post spammy by including lots of hashtags where irrelevancy of hashtags can kill your post.

Find trending hashtags, and make sure to add them as a part of your social media optimization strategy.

Create Your Posting Schedule

Consistency is the key to success on social media. Like creating a content strategy, publishing is also crucial in social media optimization strategy. You also come up with a strategy for posting schedules. Posting at the right time can increase engagements.

Create and publish posts when your audience is available, so time is an essential factor to consider. Optimizing your posting schedule can help you to increase the engagements and organic reach of posts.

Integrate Social Buttons on Your Website

Promote your content by integrating social sharing buttons on your website. These buttons can allow visitors to share valuable content from your website and blog. It can drive relevant traffic, boost post visibility, and build trust.

Maintain Consistency on all Platforms

Having a strong online presence and brand personality can be helpful to increase engagements and followers on social media. Make sure to be consistent while posting the right type of content at the right time.

Also, consider the cross promotion of your content on all social media platforms that can boost the organic reach of your business.

Analyze & Evaluate Performance of Social Media Campaign

Analyzing and evaluating the performance of social media campaigns is as important as building a successful strategy.

Track the performance of different KPIs to measure the success of a campaign. Monitor continuously and optimize your social media strategy to drive measurable and better results.

Social Media Optimization Tools

Automating your workflow can make your work even more effective and efficient, and that is where social media optimization tools come. Here we have enlisted the 4 best social media optimization tools that can work best for your business.


Hootsuite is an enterprise-level software and considered as one of the best social media management tools available. Through the Hootsuite dashboard, you can create, share, and schedule your campaigns. It can also help in analyzing and tracking the performance of campaigns.

Apart from SMM, it’s also a powerful team management tool that lets you manage, create, and schedule campaigns with your team.


Buffer is another powerful social media automation tool to manage different social media networks. It can help you in the effective planning and scheduling of your social media campaign.

You can build strong relationships with your audience and engage with them actively to gain trust and resonate with targeted audiences.


Create high-quality social media graphics using Canva. It has a library of layouts and designs where you can easily design your visuals. You don’t require any graphic designing expertise and have complete control over your graphics.


HubSpot has a social media management tool that allows it to create, publish, and monitor social media campaigns. It’s an all-in-one inbound marketing tool that can be used for marketing automation, lead management, and analytics.


However, along with SMO, social media advertising & marketing campaigns can also be helpful for your brand. You may like the Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide in 2021 to see how Facebook Ads can help you to get results. 

Better the optimization strategy, the better will be the results. 

If you’re looking for an expert agency, Shopify Pro can be your stop. We’re an expert Digital Marketing Agency and provide Social Media Optimization & Marketing services that can help you get the most out of social media. To get our services, contact us here

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