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Maneuvering Your Brand as Your Surreptitious SEO Weapon



Surreptitious SEO Weapon

If you intend to thrive in SEO, you ought to build a brand. It’s been 11 years since Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, “brands are the solutions, not the problems. Brands are how you sort out cesspool”. What we witness today reflects that. Companies and websites that have invested in building a brand are becoming more and more prominent when it comes to ranking higher up on research results. Here we are going to break down how to use your brand as your secret SEO weapon.

You have probably heard of using SEO Strategy to build your brand, but what about using your brand to build your SEO?

Surreptitious SEO Weapon

Surreptitious SEO Weapon


Kylie Jenner Approach

Let’s get started with the Kylie Jenner approach. Use your brand and capitalize on it by creating a business that is valuable to your audience. So much so that she sold 50% of her company for over 600 million dollars.

That means that her net worth is over a billion dollars. Before her cosmetic line, she was known for her enormous online presence in the fashion and makeup niche. That means millions of followers.

One of the things that made her reputation take off is when she got her lips done. It initiated an online obsession of people desiring the Kylie pout or the Kylie look. Kylie capitalized this by creating Kylie Lip Kits, which sold like crazy, selling out almost instantly when she released her products on her website. After finding huge success in lip kits, Kylie expanded into the entire cosmetics line known as Kylie cosmetics that is now worth a billion dollars.

Her brilliance in capitalizing on her product got her on the list of the youngest billionaires around the globe. She also has the privilege of being one of the most-followed people on Instagram. She markets businesses herself. She used her marketing stratagem because her commerce is her brand. By simply posting videos and pictures using her products, people buy them, and that’s how she’s done so well in the e-commerce space. She now ranks for highly competitive keywords like blushes or makeup palettes or eye shadow palettes.

Her website gets a massive 1.8 million visitors per month. Kylie did two big things.

She recognized who her audience was and offered them a product that was valuable to them.

Not only is she helping her audience, but she is growing her brand equity. She stuck with what was known for.

Now, this strategy is not only for the big names, but this strategy is also entirely relevant for smaller brands, and it works for businesses of all sizes. More and more people are creating their brands, whether it’s through blogs, social media, or vlogging.

This is a huge market right now, and there is so much opportunity. Influencers today are the latest entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, small online influencers and brands are building their businesses.


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