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Is Blogging Still Worth It?



Today, the internet comprises over 1.94 billion websites. There are around a billion blogs on the internet. There is roughly one blog for every seven people in the world. There are over four billion blog posts that are being published every single day. But the question is: Is blogging still worth it? The short answer to this question is no. the long answer to this question is yes. In conventional sagacity, blogging is not worth it.


Here’s what you ought to do if you still want to thrive in the blogging world today and in the future.

  • Don’t just focus on text-based content. Conventionally, blogs were just text-based content and that’s what people would bring out. But now text-based content isn’t everything. We all use something called a mobile phone. People use it to watch videos and to listen to podcasts. So if you desire to blog, refrain from text-based content blogging. Create video-based content. Create audio-based content. Publish that on your blog. Also, publish it on other channels.
  • Blogging is not just sharing content on your site. Your content should exist everywhere. It’s a false notion that Google reprimands for replica content. In reality, it does not. So, take the blog that you have and repost it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Post and share it wherever you can. Take your video, share it on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and post it on Instagram TV.
  • The third thing that you ought to know is how blogging used to be. Previously, you just created text-based content, you rank, you drive that traffic to a product or service, collect leads, you do well. Blogging does not work that way anymore. Blogging is very expensive. If you revise your content over and over again, keep it unsullied up to date with the newest and the best, you are going to do better. But if you don’t do that, you will observe that your rankings will incessantly slip over time.
  • Continually collect emails and push subscribers. That will give you a shot at selling those people over time. If you won’t sell them over time, it won’t do as well for you.

if you make these changes and adopt them, blogging is still worth it. If you don’t and you want to focus on writing text-based content, never update it, and write the same stuff that everyone else is going to write on, you’re not going to do that well. If you need help with your content marketing, generating a better ROI, and getting more traffic, check out Shopify Pro.  We have the solution to all your problems.

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