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Instagram Stories Increase Your Brand Awareness And Sales (2) Instagram Stories Increase Your Brand Awareness And Sales (2)

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How Instagram Stories Increase Your Brand Awareness And Sales



Backed by Facebook, Instagram is the second most used platform. Initially emerged as a photo sharing platform, now it has over a range of features and Instagram Stories is one of them. 


Almost 300 million active users daily use stories since the day it launched in 2016.

People post stories for multiple purposes like updating followers with their routine, keeping them engaged, or posting some random funny or weird stuff. Moreover, one of the reasons for its popularity among users is that these are easy and fun to post where multiple editing features make it even more interesting. However, Instagram stories have reached far beyond just getting more followers or posting random life stuff. Now businesses and brands are using IG stories to increase sales and brand awareness. 


Wanna know how Instagram stories can  increase your brand awareness and sales? Keep reading and I will take you through everything you need to know about it.


How do Instagram Stories Help In Increasing Brand Awareness And Sales?


There are many ways in which Insta stories can boost sales and brand awareness – let’s have a look at some of them.


1. Instagram Stories Help You Post Multiple Branding Content:


Instagram stories. That means you can post as many as you want without disturbing your Insta feed’s theme as they will automatically disappear after 24 hours. 


As IG stories come without any restriction and automatically disappear after 24-hours, so you can post as many as you want without disturbing your Insta feed’s theme. From launching a new product/service, giving a behind the scenes of your products to announcing winners of a recent contest, everything can be done here.

Moreover, the flexibility of Insta stories allows you to not only post promotional photos but some fun or interactive photos to add a human touch. Consistently doing this keeps your brand visible, more discoverable and keeps your followers coming back.


2. Instagram Stories Are USeful To Grow Audience:


The global demand for Instagram is undeniable –  from real-life people to their pets, all have Instagram accounts. No matter which part of the world someone lives in or what cultural or ethnic background they belong to, you can find them if they have an Instagram account.


No other platform can be more useful to generate and grow an audience base except Instagram. So, anyone who is finding new ways to increase brand awareness or their audience  but didn’t make Instagram one of his reach-out sources, they are missing out on a lot.


3. Instagram Stories Have Multiple Tools To Stay Engage With Your Audience:


Posting regular content is not enough, posting quality content is what changes the game. Instagram stories allow you to stay engaged with your audience through multiple story tools including Polls, Question Stickers, Tagging people, and much more. This way you not only stay engaged with the audience but it will make an emotional bond with them that will help furthur to increase sales and brand awareness.


4. Instagram Stories Helps In Driving Traffic To Websites:


Instagram stories also allow users to drive traffic to their sites. Showcasing your products on IG stories will urge your prospective customer to purchase products from your site. Moreover, Instagram comes up with some shopping features that enhance the e-commerce experience – Swipe Up feature, Shopping Bag shaped notifications, and stickers like Support small businesses.

Pro Tip: IG stories highlights is a great way to highlight and save your top converting stories and increase visibility. 


Best Ways To Utilize Instagram Stories To Increase Brand Awareness And Sales:


Leveraging the power of Instagram Stories, you can increase brand awareness and sales of your business. How? Let’s dive into different ways you can use Instagram stories 


1. Collaborate with Influencers & Bloggers:


One of the most trending ways of increasing brand awareness and sales is by taking influencer’s or bloggers’ help who have more audience than you. Getting them to review your products or give you a professional product shoutout in their stories will bring you more audience. Why? Bloggers and influencers have an emotional or inspirational influence on people. So people tend to buy more when someone they trust refers to something. Moreover, when you repost their stories, people following you will also take action seeing real people are trusting your products.


2. Sneak Peak To Useful Blogs:


Many businesses create their product-related blogs to give users a detailed insight into them. If you’re one of them, you can trim some useful portions of your blog (that are easily readable) and put them in your stories and give a link to the full blog or post.

This way people who will take an interest in your content will be directed to the original post. It not only increases your brand awareness and sales but also enhances visibility by driving a quality audience to your site. 


3. Behind The Scenes:


People tend to buy from the business they found more human. So it is important to share behind-the-scenes moments in your Instagram stories. This will not only increase trust but also keep you engaged with your followers/consumers during the creation process.

Getting your product launched is not enough, you should make your followers witnesses of the creation process. This not only removes the roboticness from the brand but increases consumers’ trust in your business as well. 


4. Post Videos Focused On Your Product Functionality: 


Instagram stories are an ideal way to bring your product to life! Not everyone is a fond reader or interested in watching a lot of pictures or media. So you should find ways to convince people into watching your products. The best way to do this is to record a few seconds of videos of your product that can explain its functionality and features – People tend to buy more when they can visualize how a product can add value to their life.


5. Add HashTags and GeoTags:


Using the right Hashtags and location stickers in Instagram Stories is quite useful for your business. These tags help people find you when they search for something related to your brand. The same way geotags or location stickers direct people about where you are situated and help you feature in the Explore page. Moreover, hashtags and geotags help you attract more potential traffic and enhance visibility. 


Tip: Always target the hashtags that have more posts, relevant to your business, and are mostly used.


6. Shop Pages Link:


Instagram stories also have a feature of “Swipe Up” – You can utilize it by putting an attractive photo of your product along with a link to your store or shop page. Many businesses also use this to direct people to promotional or blog content. All this helps people drive more potential traffic and convert visitors into buyers. However, the success of this strategy solely lies in the aesthetics of your product’s imagery. 


7. Utilize the No Story Limitation To Narrate advertisement:

One good thing about Insta stories is you can post as many as you want. So instead of stuffing the whole thing into one story, try creating multiple posts to advertise your services in stories. Consistently posting stories about your services will persuade customers to buy from your brand. However, be creative with this strategy and you will go a long way.


8. Instagram Polls:


Instagram polls are also the best source of driving engagements through IG stories. Typing in a question and giving them some options make them participate and choose answers – as it is fun. Whatever they choose will be visible to you. Additionally, in this way you can get an answer about anything you want, either it is research on what they want from you or what you should launch next. It will also give you a good insight into the concerns of your followers and data from potential buyers.


9. Sponsored Stories:


As a marketer, you should think of Instagram Sponsored stories – these Ads/sponsored stories can increase brand awareness and engagements in people who are more likely to convert or might be interested in your brand.


It is nothing less than an investment that will benefit you in the long run. That’s because Instagram shows sponsored stories to the market you are in. This will help you advertise to the people interested in your niche and increase your brand’s reach even without getting users to click on anything.


Some useful and Interesting Insights about Instagram and Instagram Stories


  1. Containing over one billion active followers, Instagram is the second most used platform that witnesses over 500 million stories each day.
  2. Everyone is on Instagram and everyone is not just confined to humans but pets, and businesses as well.
  3. The average browsing rate of users on Instagram is 53 minutes each day.
  4. Instagram has 140 million users from the U.S. Imagine the sum you see if you calculate the whole world’s Instagrammers.
  5. And the percentage of businesses using Instagram alone in the US is 71%.
  6. The age of nearly 45% of Instagrammers is between 18 and 44.




The popularity, versatility, and fondness of Instagram among the global Instagrammers is huge and undeniable. That means, only if you stick to Instagram to increase brand awareness and sales, you will be unstoppable. So if you are still looking for the answer that should you choose Instagram for your branding, the answer is Yes. You should go for it. However, the success related to it all depends upon knowing the Instagram algorithm, learning how to use Instagram tools and features to utilize them to the best of your business’s benefit. If you are reading till now, you must have gotten a clear idea of how and what to do to promote your brand through Instagram stories. However, if you are going to adopt Instagram strategies and are new to the field, I will suggest you do some practical research first. What I mean is to have a good eye on what and how your competitors are nailing their Instagram game, what strategies work better and what not. After doing all this, find out what you will do to stand out on Instagram so that people prefer you over others in your niche. This will help you shape your vision and work accordingly to control things in your favor.

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