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Importance of Email Newsletters in E-commerce Business




In this digital age, email marketing provides an opportunity for businesses to reach out to their customer’s inboxes directly, email marketing provides an opportunity to reach out in their inbox directly. With the right email marketing strategies, you can build a strong relationship with your customers. Furthermore, email newsletters have equal importance in the e-commerce business and help you to stand out from the competition. 


You can encourage and persuade your prospective customer to make the specific purchase and sales through a newsletter campaign.


Still, wondering why email newsletters are important in an e-commerce business? Let’s dive in to know everything about Email Newsletter Marketing.


What is an Email Newsletter?


Basically, email newsletters are a type of email that is usually sent by a company to its subscriber list to inform them about the latest news, products, or services. It is an effective way to keep your customers updated about your brand and services. Moreover, it also provides an opportunity for businesses to promote services to their new and existing customers. 


A newsletter can encourage your prospective customers to buy from you, and it is a proven way to increase ROI. By creating powerful content and writing catchy subject lines, you can persuade your customer to take your desired action through an email. 


Importance of Newsletter in E-commerce Business 


  • Boost Brand Awareness 


Building brand awareness is crucial for a business and its success. Moreover, through brand awareness marketing campaigns, businesses can acquire new customers. Email newsletter campaigns are also one of them. By consistently sending them newsletters about your brand, products, or services, you get an opportunity to stay in the minds of your subscribers. Additionally, you can make them more connected with your brand. Even better, you can build deeper connections with customers through personalized newsletters. 


  • Increase Conversion Rate 


The newsletter can be the conversion vehicle for your business that can drive potential leads and sales for your business. How? Your mailing list has subscribers who showed interest in your products or services, and by making them aware of your new products or any promotion, you can attract your prospective customers. So yes, email newsletters can increase the conversion rate of a business. 


  • Opportunity to Target Inactive Customers 


Many of you may be thinking of removing your inactive subscribers or customers but, that’s not really a good idea. Through the newsletters, you can hit your inactive customers again and win back them again. You can re-engage them by sending coupons & promo codes or any other promotional email. The re-engagement campaigns will not only allow you to knock at your in-active subscriber but also entice them to come back to your site. 


Pro Tip: Immediately remove the Gosht subscribers who never interacted with your business. 


  • Build Strong Reputation and Brand Image 


You can achieve your marketing and advertising goals through email newsletters. By putting your brand identity into the newsletter, you can build a strong brand reputation and image for your prospective customers. It directly impacts your email “open rate.” Moreover, newsletter campaigns are a proven way to build brand trust and allow businesses to do better to serve their customers. 


  • Drive Customer Loyalty 


Customers are the cornerstone of any business – without them, you can not imagine the success of your business. A happy client leads to loyal clients. With that said, every fortune 500 business strives to provide excellent services that can build customer loyalty. You can tell your customers about the value you are offering through email newsletters. You can build a strong emotional relationship with your customers by offering special rewards or discounts. Personalized emails can even make them feel more special and appreciated. Hence, an email newsletter is a great way to drive customer loyalty.


  • Effective Way to Promote New Products 


According to the McKinsey researchers, businesses can acquire 40% more new customers through email marketing campaigns. A newsletter is an excellent way to directly reach customer inboxes and promote your products. You can send these promotional newsletters to your new, existing, and loyal customers. Offer great discounts that can attract and encourage them to buy from you. You can also share tips or benefits of having that specific item along with the discount code. 


Your Newsletter Marketing Checklist 


  • Identify Goals of your Newsletter 


Before starting any campaign, it’s important to identify the goals that you want to achieve through it. So answer the following questions that can help you in running the right email campaign 


  • Do you want to sell products?
  • Do you want to drive traffic to your site?
  • Are you up to promoting special offers or discounts?


By answering the questions and determining the goals, you can create a right copy and template of an email newsletter. 


  • Audience Segmentation 

Another important point to consider in an Email Newsletters is audience segmentation. It’s essential to know whom you are going to send a specific campaign and what they are looking for. Additionally, it allows you to cater to their specific needs instead of sending random newsletters. It will decrease the bounce rate and save your subscribers time. 


  • High-Quality Visuals with Prominent CTA’s 


High-quality visuals can attract the attention of the subscribers that will increase the open rate and click rate of the email. Moreover, the prominent CTA’s on a newsletter persuade the user to take your required actions, e.g., Shop Now will allow the subscriber to shop products from your store. 


  • Create Compelling Headlines 


A compelling headline allows your subscribers to decide whether your newsletter is worth their time or not. Additionally, irresistible headlines give you an opportunity to sell products over your competitors. Craft the short headlines that can create curiosity among your prospective customers. Moreover, always A/B test your headlines to see which headlines perform well. These headlines should have relevant text and content. 


  • A/B Testing of Subject Lines 


A/B testing is an important step that determines how version A of your subject line will perform as compared to version B. This way, you can find the winning subject line with more open & click rates. Furthermore, A/B testing is a way to optimize your email marketing campaigns to drive better results. 


  • Add “Unsubscribe” Option in Email 


The Unsubscribe option is like a good marketing friend so that you can send the newsletter to only those who want to hear from you. It makes your mailing list clear and increases the CTR (Click-through-rate). Moreover, according to the email spam law set, it’s imperative to add an unsubscribe link in your email to protect subscribers from receiving spam emails. 


  • Add Company’s Name and Other Relevant Detail in Footer


Just like an unsubscribe link, always add the company’s name and other relevant information in the footer of your newsletter. It gives more information about your business to your visitors. Adding such information in the footer is also considered as one of the best practices and legal requirements. Furthermore, it’s the area where the users mostly look for the options to contact you.


  • Add Social Media Follow & Sharing Buttons 


Make sure to add social media follow and share buttons in your newsletter that will let your subscriber follow you on multiple social media platforms. It will also increase the engagement rate and make it easy for the readers and visitors to share the content on social media. 


Different Newsletter Types for your E-commerce Store 

Newsletter types

Lead Nurturing Emails: Lead nurturing emails can help you to build a strong relationship with your customers and subscribers. The purpose of these emails is to build relationships with your new subscribers. It includes Welcome Emails as well as emails to target inactive subscribers or customers. 


Offer Emails: Offer emails are a type of promotional email that is designed to attract subscribers through discounts or incentives. It is the best way to drive sales and build customer loyalty.


Upsell Emails: Through upsell emails, you create urgency and curiosity among your customers to purchase a specific or upgraded version of a product. Upselling emails are considered an effective marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate. 


Cross-sell Emails: The cross-sell emails are used to encourage customers to buy related products of what they already have. You can boost revenue and awareness in prospective customers about your products.


Abandon Cart Emails: These are the automated reminders about the cart abandonment that will be sent to the visitors or shoppers who left something behind in their cart. Through abandon cart emails, you can re-engage your customers to buy from you. 


Customer Loyalty Emails: The main goal behind customer loyalty emails is to retain and engage your existing customers through loyalty programs. It is also an effective marketing strategy to boost revenue. It has been estimated that customer loyalty emails can drive over more than 3% of sales. This way, you can drive repeat business!


Thank You Email: Make your customers feel appreciated and valued by sending Thank you emails. You can send them these emails on signing up for your newsletter, buying a product, or referring your business. 


Important Metrics to Measure the Newsletter Marketing Performance 


Open Rate:  Open rate is an important email marketing metric and the total measure of the percentage rate of emails opened by subscribers out of the total number of subscribers. Even this metric determines the success of your marketing campaign. By creating compelling email subject lines and discount codes, you can increase the open rate of your email campaign.


Click-through Rate: Click-through Rate or CTR is the percentage rate of the subscribers/people who clicked through your email. Moreover, it also determines the engagement rate of your email campaign. A personalized email can drive clicks.


Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of undelivered emails to the subscribers in your subscriber list. There are two types of this important metric: soft bounces & hard bounces that can be due to the invalid email address or server issues, respectively. One important thing to consider is that your bounce rate should be less than 2-3%. 


Conversion Rate: The conversion rate metric is the measure of the subscribers who actually converted and completed your desired action or goal. Your landing page is important in increasing the conversion rate. If you are having a lower conversion rate than your open and click-through rate, then you must make changes to your landing page accordingly.


Delivery Rate: Delivery rate lets you know whether your email is delivered or returned as soft or hard bounces. However, it is the percentage rate of the emails delivered and the total number of emails sent.


Wrap Up!

Thinking of launching your email newsletter marketing campaign? Shopify Pro got you covered. We can help you to set up your email marketing funnel that will drive sales, revenue and attract your prospective customers.

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