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How Will Google’s New Algorithm Impact your Website?



Google’s New Algorithm: In order to compile this amazing report, the SEO Tools researchers analyzed data from 600,000 keywords. The results come from a machine learning algorithm which made it possible to determine the factors which influence the positions in the results lists. The methodology is complex, but I will not bore you with that, we will address the most important points.

Social traffic, referral, and direct traffic are key elements to boost your page ranking. Most importantly, even if you are on top, you should not stop your efforts. You must keep your direct, referral, and social traffic in order not to lose anything of your position.

Rumors about the volume of traffic have been circulating for centuries in the world of SEO. And most experts rejected them quickly, saying that beginners always have a fair chance.

Apart from traffic, the other factors that influence the ranking of a page are the time spent on the site, the number of pages visited by the user per session, the length of the content, and the bounce rate. Website security (HTTPS) is important but has no significant impact on rankings. The same goes for adding videos to your website but is not imperative for SEO.

So what can you do to increase your ranking in this new world?
Let’s take a look at some of the things you can influence:

About Google’s New Algorithm

I’ve said it before: content marketing and SEO go hand in hand and Google just confirmed it.
According to SEMrush, the domains that rank in the top three have an average bounce rate of 49%. This means that you have to work hard to reduce your bounce rate as much as possible. It always means providing top-quality content.

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There are tons of numerous articles online so you actually shouldn’t trust them.

No shortcut, no compromise. You need the kind of content that engages people. In this way, people spend more time on your website (an important factor in ranking) and click on more pages.

What does that mean?

Again, it’s not content that is King. It is quality content that takes precedence.

For example, every time we hire new SEO copywriters for our agency, I make sure they know the marketing field first. And only then I ask questions about their SEO knowledge.

This is because SEO tools and tactics can easily be taught, especially for a marketer. But the basics of marketing and creating content that involve different types of audiences are more difficult to teach.

Another factor that weighs heavily in the ranking of your page is the length of the content. According to internet tools, the top three websites have content that is 45% longer than websites in the 20th position. Again, the relevance of evergreen content is proven. We advise all our customers to target publications of at least 1000 words. Ideally, you should aim for more than 2,000 words for each content you produce.

In Google’s New Algorithm. I have noticed an incredible jump in organic traffic for three of my clients who have gone from a classic 500-word blog post to 1,500 words. And the boost was almost instantaneous – it took less than a month for organic traffic to increase by 20%.  You need to White Hat SEO Strategies in order to rank your site better and avoid google plenty.


You want many websites to link to yours. SEO tool has discovered that 10,000 is the difference in the number of reference domains between the first and 10th positions. But do not accept all websites. Look for those who have high domain authority and avoid those who have poor authority.

No, not all links make a good link. When a large number of unwanted websites link to you, it is a red card for Google. Whatever you do, don’t try to trade links or, worse yet, buy links.

Instead, you can try guest blogging on authoritative websites. In addition, whenever you mention an industry expert in your articles, echo it on social networks or by email. He could thus report this mention on his own site.

Ultimately, it all comes down to content. If yours is valuable and informative, people will link to it, increasing your number of referrals and therefore the ranking of your page.

Content Marketing

Shopify Pro has been advocating for quality content for years – ever since I started in this business. But what is great content if not marketed properly?

Google seems to agree with me. This is why social traffic weighs heavily on page ranking. For most of our customers and for our own blog, we use the Pareto principle for content marketing – we spend 20% of our time creating it and 80% promoting it.

Social media and email campaigns are both crucial to gaining the traffic that gets you even more traffic. Organic, this time.

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