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How to scribble a blog post: Some Handy Tips




Scribble a blog post

Most of the blog posts written by the top-most bloggers follow the same format and that is not a coincidence. There is a rationale behind it. The significant reason is that that format aids them in generating thousands of visitors per blog post.

The tips that we sharing work for B2B, B2C, a personal blog, or a cooperate blog. It will work for everything.

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TIP #1

Start with a suitable title. Unless you don’t have an exact title, don’t start writing a blog. Statistics show that eight out of ten people will read your caption, but only two out of ten will read the complete article.

It doesn’t matter how amazing a blog post you pen down, if you fail in crafting a good title, no one is going to read the rest of the blog post.

It all comes down to your title. If you need some creativity, check out some magazines. All magazines use catchy titles. This is what you ought to do in your blog post.

TIP # 2

The second step that you need to follow is the introduction. In your intro, you ought to hook the people with an intrepid proclamation. Hooking people will induce them to read the entire post. Your introduction must also elaborate on what’s going to be covered in the post.

TIP # 3

After the intro comes to the body of the post. The body of the post should include sub-headings. You must remember that your content must be easy to skim. Your paragraphs must be around 5 to 6 lines.

TIP # 4

You must link to other sites. When you link to other sites, you open up your sources, you cite them, it creates more credibility for you, makes you and your merchandise look more like a connoisseur, and that is what you want to be perceived at.

TIP # 5

The last and the most imperative thing is to wrap up your blog post with a conclusion. The conclusion must summarize what your post was about, and try to end your conclusion with a question.

Ending your post with a question will encourage more people to leave a comment. When you get a comment, it creates engagement. By getting engagement, you are more likely to spawn sales. If people read your post but don’t get engaged with you, there is little to no probability that they will become a lead, or purchase your artifact, or your services.

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