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How to Rapidly Generate 10 Thousand Visitors from an Entirely Novel Blog



How to Rapidly Generate Visitors:

Starting a blog is hard. You write all the content, you put it out there, but you get no traffic. What should you do? Here we are going to teach you a brand new blog and generate 10,000 visits in less than six months. There are generally two ways to generate traffic on your blog: first you can hire a SEO Agency that will do that work for you, or second you can do SEO your own but it always a good idea to hire a agency. You can also generate traffic by following our tips.



You must leverage the skyscraper technique. Whatever space you are in, your competitors are already creating content and they are getting traffic. You can use a tool like SEMrush, or you may use tools like Ubersuggest, put in your competitors’ URLs. It will give you an idea about what’s trendy, and then you can observe what traffic, what sort of articles are lashing them traffic, so you can also craft similar ones. But the rationale of this is to leverage the skyscraper procedure. Whatever they have written, you want to write something that is ten times more detailed. So much so that people will regard your article as amazing and would desire to check that out.




Now, you must mail to all the people you link out to in your article. The chances are that when you are writing a blog post, you naturally link out to people to back up your statistics, your data, and when you are linking out to these people, you ought to email them. You are going to get people to share your post on the social web. If you ask them to link back to you, they are probably not going to do that. But they will share your article on the social web and that will help you get more traffic.


The next thing to Generate Visitors is that you ought to do is to go to Buzzsumo and put in your competitor’s URLs. Hit view shares on their most admired articles, and it will give you an idea about all the people in the space who share identical types of content. Send them an email. By doing that, you are also going to get more social shares on top. That’s how you kick start your traffic generation.


The fourth thing that you ought to do is start collecting emails. If you don’t collect emails, you are not going to get people back to your site. You are already getting some, but you want to get them to keep coming back and back.


The next thing is to collect push notification subscribers. This is the simplest way to get more people to come back.


Now, that you have got an email list, you have got a push notification list, the next step is to send out a blast to those people every time you release a new blog post. And you are going to repeat the cycle all over again. When you do that, you will get 10,000 visitors a month within six months.

You can also hire a Marketing Agency for help like Shopify Pro.

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