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How to Craft a Great Brand Name?



How to Craft a Great Brand Name?

It is estimated that there are 300 million companies in the world today. Some brands are as big as Coca-cola and Nike, while some are as small as a one-person business. With so many brands around the globe, it’s getting difficult to craft and discover a distinctive name. So, how to create a brand name? How can you play and triumph the name game? you can contact Shopify Pro for branding service. You should start with three steps:

Great Brand Name

  1. Select what type of name you want. There are certain different categories of name and pretty much every brand in the world falls within one of these categories.
  • Eponymous names like Disney, Adidas, and Burberry work by embodying the vision and beliefs of their founders.
  • Descriptive names such as Shopify Pro by telling they are experts of Shopify Development, American Airlines toil by telling you precisely what the corporation does.
  • Acronymic names like KFC and HSBC are more strategic.
  • Real words like Uber and Slack are scanned through the dictionary and suggest that these should be of some benefit. Uber means ‘an outstanding example’. Real seem to be a good idea but in a world with 300 million companies, it is getting harder to find a name.
  • Composite names like Facebook and Ray-Ban are fashioned by gluing two lexeis together. These words are really memorable.
  • As it is getting really difficult to get any real names companies like Pinterest have invented names by changing or adding or removing letters for impact. Invented names can be exceedingly distinctive but if you are not cautious, they may begin to echo like pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Associative words work by reflecting imagery. Amazon in South America is the world’s largest river; Red bull is associated with bull-like qualities like power and confidence.
  • Some words are derived from the non-English language like Samsung.
  • Abstract names like Rolex and Kodak have no inherent connotation but rely on the authority of phonetics to craft authoritative brand names.
  1. Once you decide the type of name, decide what you want the name to say. It is tempting to create a name that talks about who created them, or what you do, but the best names do not describe, they stand for big ideas and have emotional appeal. Nike is about winning and Apple is about simplicity and usability. So, when you think about your brand name, think carefully about what your big idea is.
  2. Check that the name is available. The third step is to verify if the name isn’t already in use. You might have to create hundreds of names. Remember to check that the name does not have any negative connotations in other languages or countries. The last thing you want is the embarrassing naming fail.

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