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How can product videos help to increase sales



Video has emerged as the most effective e-commerce selling tool that allows the customers to know about the products. Whenever we decide to make a purchase, we try to investigate the product completely and dig in deep to know about the specification of the product – even though we look into the images of the product at first before getting onto the specifications. People also prefer to watch videos to know about the product and its usage, and this video-making trend has set digital media on a new path of growth and development.

Undeniable, visually visible things tend to be a part of our memory for a longer time. Moreover, video marketing has emerged as an effective technique that lets your customers know more about your customer. 

Still wondering why video marketing is important and how can it help you to boost sales? Then, let’s get into the details to see how product videos can boost sales. 


What is the purpose of making videos of a product?


Well, the main goal behind creating a video is to explain the potential a product possesses and why a customer should purchase it. Making a video about all the features of a product is the easiest way to promote it due to the increased influence of social media and YouTube especially. In addition, it gives your customer a real experience of having a product in hand. According to some of the stats, it is estimated that 64 percent to 85 percent of people visit a particular website and watch relevant videos about it before making a final purchase.

Videos are also a very easy way to share information rather than sending any contextual messages. This is because people prefer to watch it rather than focus and read a message. Nowadays, marketers use videos as a prominent marketing tool because they want Google to rank their product or website high on the list. Ultimately, it will drive more and more sales to a store that will bring profits to it.


Different Types of Videos


Just to help you, here we have listed down some common and famous types of videos that are being created, keeping in mind the product that is to be promoted. The different types are categorized in different ways of promotion. So let us have a look:


Video Tutorials:


Video Tutorials are the most common type of video, which is famous by the name of “ how to” videos. These kinds of videos explain how you can use the product and are created with the purpose to teach people how to use any product properly without getting it wasted.

How-to or product tutorials are a great way to educate prospective customers and tell them how they can use the specific product. Whether you’re selling makeup products or machinery, by providing them tutorials, you are explaining how that your product is useful for them, and it also builds the trust of customers in your product. 


Product Story Video


Another effective video marketing type is Behind the Scenes or Product Story Video. There are many products that we come across in our life that have some behind the scene story that has led to its need in the market and ultimately creation. If the product is being used widely and you need to tell your customers about the painstaking efforts that you have gone through in its creation, then do not waste a single second and tell them about it. It will help you to create and build an emotional relationship with your customers, and they will be likely to watch any video next time that is made by the company.

In your story video, you can speak of the problems and hurdles you faced in building a product. You can also explain the impact that your product is likely to make on the lives of people. It is not necessary to shoot such videos with a high-quality camera and all the gadgets. You can shoot the video without buying anything to enhance the quality. This will also reduce the monetary burden on you.


Unboxing or Unpacking Videos


These are the videos that help the customers to know how a product will look after being unboxed. Such videos are widely used by influencers and celebrities where they show a specific product, explain its features, and even reveal its actual appearance. (how exactly it looks)

However, even if the experience is bad, you will still have to post your video so as to provide the exact information to the people who watch it. Such videos can be made by any company member or real-life customer who is usually a blogger or digital content creator. Nowadays, people trust influencer’s reviews and rely on their suggestions before buying any product. Thus, such videos can also help brands to create a strong trust bond with their targeted customers.


Product Tour Videos


They are somehow similar to product tutorials or explainer videos. The only difference lies in the duration and content. These types of videos are made for products with multiple features embedded in them, and every one of them needs to be reviewed.

Along with the detailed view of product specs, it also analyzes the product in-depth to help the people decide whether the product is worth purchasing or not. Some of your videos should include the reviews taken from the customers about the product.


Life Hack Videos


It is a trend nowadays developed by bloggers to show different hacks that help you save time in your life. These videos are made to show the creative ways in which a product can be used.

These videos aim to make a person more imaginative and creative. These types of videos are very popular amongst the children and inculcate in them motor skills (skills used to enhance thinking abilities). However, not all life hacks prove to be successful. Some are a real mess and make you regret choosing them to perform. Where most of the time, they give positive and successful results.


How can product videos help to increase sales?


Now that we are well aware of the different types of videos that can be made for the purpose of promotion, now is the time to look into different benefits that videos provide to ensure a high increment in the sales of a product and ultimately to store. Let’s continue reading further to dive into some of the benefits stated for you below:


Videos exhibit all the features of the product in detail


Videos help to explain more about a product to the shopper. With the help of knowledge about the specs and features, we can easily compare the two products of the same niche. For example, in no way can we have a quick comparison between iPhone and Samsung phones. Their videos explain different features and target separate people who do not coincide on any level. But in comparison between Coke and Pepsi, we get attracted to the best video that demonstrates all the features and even the reviews of the customers as well.


Videos Help to Boost Interest of Customers


When the customers have seen a lot of videos about a product, they get intrigued. They become curious to know how it feels to use the product. To build and increase their interest in your product, explain the features and benefits of having your product to help your customer know why to have it.

You can also create urgency in your targeted customer by quoting some of the examples. After watching the fully comprehensive video (explaining the features), the customer is inclined towards making a purchase.


Videos Pinpoint the Needs and Interest of Customers


Videos help in making people realize that their hidden needs should be now catered to. The videos sometimes intend to boast so that the customer starts to imagine the benefits that he can have by using a product.


Continuing to it, an interactive and engaging video can help your buyer in making the purchase decision. Moreover, you can add clickable links redirecting to the checkout page to give your customer a seamless and excellent experience. 


Pro Tip: For this purpose, a thorough study of the target market has to be done so that the marketer can understand the market needs, what their targeted customers are looking for, and how they can make a video to attract them and urge them to buy their product.


Shopify and Video Marketing 


Shopify is getting nearer to the throne of the king in the kingdom of eCommerce websites. Undoubtedly, it is the most emergent platform that has been used by every second e-commerce store over the internet to promote and increase sales of their business. It will not be wrong to say that this has left no way to take benefit from the booming e-commerce industry and make the most of it.

It does most of its marketing with the help of engaging videos that are relevant and are projected to increase its sales and popularity in the future. The different videos showcased in Shopify are of different types. It covers the simplest topic like account creation on Shopify to the most complex topics like hiring experts.

The main motive is to make it popular and provide the solution to the problems faced by people who want to thrive in the world of eCommerce.


Conclusive remarks:


So to conclude the above discussion, we will have to accept the increasing influence of videos and how it has become an effective marketing technique to drive engagements. Moreover, product videos are a great way to educate people and have now become the easiest way to attract potential customers and increase conversion rates. 

So, do not stop! Grab a camera, make a video of your product, and improve the customer experience to drive more sales. 

Pro Tip: You can make videos of your product easily and free with Canva 


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