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How can LSI Keywords Increase your Organic Traffic?



LSI Keywords: Google always crawls your page and uses your main keyword to determine the subject to which this page refers. But the algorithm has become smarter. Keywords play’s the main role in the SEO Check list. So, If the main keyword is not surrounded by something extremely relevant to your topic, your ranking will be affected.

Here are some of the ways in which LSI keywords can help boost your traffic:

Ban keyword stuffing

Your goal is to find the right balance between your main keyword and the LSI keywords in order to rank better. That way, you don’t have to repeat that same keyword – a technique that is useless in SEO today.

Your website will not be considered a spammer. If you stuff your site with keywords, you will be penalized by Google. You can now write naturally and search engines and readers will appreciate your content.

Reduced bounce rate

Following the example above: if your article does not contain words generally connected to the Windows operating system, someone who wants to replace his computer could land on your page. Of course, he will leave immediately.

By using the right LSI keywords, you make sure you stay relevant and only gain organic visits from people who matter to your business. If you think about it, you basically have the same goal as Google: to deliver relevant results to users.

Rank on more keywords

This is basic math: the higher the keywords on your page, the more visits you will get. And the beauty of the LSI keywords combined with the first is that they increase the value of the other.

Using LSI keywords can help you surpass your competition. It’s like making a puzzle, and it’s worth doing it right.

Get lower PPC costs with LSI Keywords

If you’ve been running a Google AdWords campaign for more than a month, you know how hard it is to find new ways to lower your cost per click or improve your CTR.

Enter the keywords LSI.

When your landing page offers relevant content, Google increases your quality score. The result? You will rank higher and your ads will be cheaper.

More time spent by users on your pages

Providing your readers with natural text is one of the keys to keeping them reading. Add keywords and articles with little informative value and they will go away in seconds.

How to Find Perfect LSI Keywords

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as writing naturally. Of course, when you write about Windows 10, you’re going to mention Windows 7. But that may not be enough. Fortunately, there are tools to help you discover LSI keywords.

Google search LSI Keywords

Plus it’s free! Just type in your main keyword and see what Google suggests (the autosuggest feature). In this way, you will immediately discover the other terms that Google considers relevant.

Google Keyword Planner

Another free tool! This is also where you should start your LSI keyword research. However, I only recommend it in combination with other tools.

Here’s why.
You must remember that this is the tool that you usually use to create advertisements, paid advertisements. Google will recommend certain keywords that might not help you rank, but that will only help you get the most out of your ads. There are some other tools that aid you in Boost your social media Traffic.

Since you do not plan to create advertisements, use this tool to create a working model, and compare the results with those of other tools.

LSI Graph

It is one of the tools that I use quite often. It’s free and you can also download their WordPress plugin. You will get lots of results to fuel your content strategy.

Keyword Shitter

Here you will not only be able to find LSI keywords, but you will also be able to get some awesome long-tail keyword ideas. Bonus, you can download them.


If you want to take your SEO seriously and exceed your competitors, SEMrush is an exceptional tool. It is a paid tool, but it will provide you with a lot of information on your competitors’ keywords, as well as their backlinks, basically everything you need to beat them.

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