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7 Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Customer Experience



Customer experience is the perception that results based on customer engagement with the company, whether it happens in-store, online or over the phone. Similarly, in terms of eCommerce, customer experience is all about how efficiently customers perceive your business, communicate and connect with them. This usually has a great impact on the functioning of the eCommerce store in the future.

It is very crucial as it can boost or destroy your store’s sales. You can either develop a sense of trust by creating appealing customer services or can cultivate frustration and ambiguity. It is totally up to you but you really need to focus to improve the customer experience of your store.

Why is eCommerce customer experience important?

An extraordinary customer experience is very important as it makes your clients buy again and again and stick to your brand. Furthermore, happy clients like to share their experiences with other people. 

Moreover, it improves;

  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Brand value
  • customer lifetime value
  • Referrals
  • Growth and development
  • Revenue

Hence, it would not be wrong to say that a proactive approach to optimizing the user experience can change your under rated eCommerce website into a sales leader.

 Are you a beginner eCommerce retailer and looking for the best try and tested ways to optimize your eCommerce customer experience? You don’t need to panic because here in this article we are gonna discuss the top 7 ways to optimize your eCommerce customer experience or conversion rate that would definitely guide you the right way.

Let’s dive in Conversion Tips;

1.Optimized Site speed & Navigation

Site speed and navigation is very important because most of the users are usually so impatient that’s why they like to use speedy sites. Likewise, if a site will take time to load the user will probably close it and will move to another site. So, for good eCommerce customer experience, site speed and navigation is a very crucial factor.

 The fastest eCommerce site’s loading time is considered under 0.5 seconds. Therefore, the first move that you should take to boost your site commitment and customer experience is to optimize your site speed and responsiveness. For this purpose use the following tips;

  • Don’t upload images with high resolutions and always resize images before uploading them on your site.
  • For images use those formats that are web optimized such as GIF, JPEG or PNG.

You can check your website speed with Google Speed Insights.

2.Make Website User-friendly

What does a user-friendly website mean? In simple words, we can say that a website that is easy to use and approachable for its users is a user-friendly website. A website should be well designed considering its users. It must be easy to assemble and workable for those users who encounter it the first time. 

On your eCommerce website, things should be well organized and categorized. The search bar should be big and clear at the top that will help customers to find what they are searching for. You should pay attention to the layout of your website and improve your CTAs. Moreover, it is estimated that a user-friendly designed website can increase traffic by 88%.

3.Create Valuable Content for Users

Content is a very crucial part of a website, without content a website is nothing. What is good content? Content that is unique and concise is always considered as good content, that will help to rank on search engines as well. It is one of the best ways to optimize your eCommerce customer experience. 

Although, the quality of the content of the website is a very important factor as it helps to attract the right audience to your website. Not only this, but it also enhances the eCommerce customer experience and increases website ranking regarding your competitors.

Pro tip: Using suitable language, always try to create compelling, impactful and client-focused for your website.

4.Create interactive product pages

Product Page is very important for customers as it has all the details related to the product. The basic purpose of the product page is to convince the customer to buy the product. It needs to be concise and should well explain the product.

The product page should include;

  • Price
  • 3 to 4 Good quality pictures from different angles
  • Details regarding size, color,
  • Material information
  • A brief description of the product

Pro tip:  

  • Video of the product of few seconds
  • Must include a standard size chart
  • Color options (if have any)
  • Discount option (if have any)
  • Add related product at the bottom

Keep it easy and interesting for the customers but don’t bog it With too many details. Moreover, you can also add a review option of the product.

5.Create a Simple Checkout process

The checkout process is a necessary part for both the customers and retailers while purchasing an item online. Therefore, a simple and easy checkout process is also one of the good ways to optimize your eCommerce customer experience. After adding products or items to the cart, a customer must have to go through the checkout process to complete the order.

Easy and standard checkout is considered as the one-pager checkout process, displaying all the necessary elements such as;

  • Basket  items
  • Customer information
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Payment method

Pro tip:

  • Avoid number of checkout steps
  • Save the customer information for the next time
  • Provide different payment methods

6.Provide Efficient Customer Service

Providing quick and efficient customer service is the core key for good an exceptional eCommerce customer experience. Whenever a customer faces any problem or something goes wrong, the customer can probably forgive you if you reach them quickly.

Such as a customer who got a broken or damaged product or faces any other unhappy situation is going to be more emotional and will ask for a quick solution to their problem. Otherwise, they will leave you an offensive review regarding the product or your customer service. It all depends on how you tackle the problem. Depending on your service they could either become your fan or hater. 

So, always try to deal with your customers politely and provide the best solution to their problems to ensure a good customer experience. 

7.Provide Free and Fast Shipping

It has been proven by studies that fast and free shipping attracts more customers and drives maximum revenue. Offering free shipping is very appealing and one of the best services that you can provide to your customers.  

Fast and free shipping offers will immediately boost your sales that definitely drive more and more profits. 75% of the customers when shopping online expect free shipping.

Final Thoughts:

Consequently, we can say that the e-commerce customer experience plays a vital role in the growth of your online business.

Organizations that dominate in giving extraordinary customer services have very incredible eCommerce advertising tools in their hands. From numerous points of view, this can impact customers more than the most excessive promoting efforts. 

Hence, you should utilize each asset that is available to you to build an extraordinary eCommerce customer experience — from innovation and personalization to retargeting and insightful site plans. These ways help you to improve Customer Experience but, if you want to more better results then you can hire a eCommerce Agency Like Shopify Pro

Hope so, Shopify Pro helps you a lot and provides you deep search information.

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