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E-Commerce Conversion tips to Boost Black Friday Sale in 2020 E-Commerce Conversion tips to Boost Black Friday Sale in 2020


10 E-Commerce Conversion tips to Boost Black Friday Sale in 2021



Let’s discuss the best E-Commerce Conversion tips

It’s time for online retailers to get ready, as the biggest sale events are on the way. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important for retailers to increase their online sales. This year due to the global outbreak, we’ll witness some changes as many retailers decided to shift Black Friday Sale online. It means there will be an increase in traffic, conversions, and ultimately an increase in revenue for your business.

To beef up your Black Friday sale, you must come up with the right marketing strategy and plan to maximize your conversion rate. To help you to boost your conversion rate, we have enlisted important conversion tips that can convert your visitors to buyers.

Perform Site Audit – E-Commerce Conversion tips

Before preparing for the biggest sale event of the season, you must see whether your site is ready to join the party or not?

Ultimately your site performance plays a crucial role in driving conversions to your site. So, you must spend time auditing your site. Your eCommerce store’s reliability is the deciding metric to measure the success in sales.

Check your Site Speed

E-Commerce Conversion tips

E-Commerce Conversion tips

Your buyer is impatient to get hands-on their favorite products and to avail exclusive discounts. But, every second your site takes to load, the higher the chances of bounce rate.

Page speed affects conversion rate; the slower an eCommerce site, the lower will be the chances to win the visitor. Likewise, high page speed can increase the conversion rate. Ensure your website optimization performs well on the Black Friday Sale. 

You can check page speed using different tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. You can also improve page speed by following the suggestions given there. Shopify Pro also offers eCommerce store optimization services that can help you to win this online game.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Phone

E-Commerce Conversion tips

E-Commerce Conversion tips

Make your site mobile phone ready to increase conversions on Black Friday sales. Many buyers love to shop from their mobile phones, so we can’t ignore this crucial step. Your site must cater buyers with flexible and seamless mobile shopping experience.

Optimizing the site for mobile phones allows you to drive more traffic, as there is a significant percentage of users who buy products from one click on a mobile phone device. Consider one thing that responsive design doesn’t mean your eCommerce store is well optimized for mobile phones. Mobile Phone optimization includes mobile speed, navigation, and one-click checkout process optimization. Similarly, design advertisements and banners according to mobile phones. Leverage mobile ads for social media platforms to drive more traffic. The better mobile version performance of your site can boost conversions.

Simplify Navigation

Better the onsite experience, an ultimate increase in conversions. Simple navigation can help customers in finding their products quickly. Serve your customers with an easy navigation menu, so your visitor can find what they are looking for online.

Add sub-navigation, products, and categories to your main menu so buyers can easily navigate to the product through the menu.

Fast and Easy Checkout System

Checkout System

Checkout System

Audit your site’s checkout system and provide them with easy and fast checkout during the Black Friday sale. Customers don’t have time to fill unnecessary fields, so make sure to give them an easy-to-navigate checkout page.

Show discounts on the checkout page, enable auto filler functionality, and provide your customer with a smooth shopping experience.

Fast Shipping Process

Prepare your Black Friday shipping plan; free shipping can play well to increase your sales. Offer free shipping to all items in your store and extend this offer to Cyber Monday. Giving reliable, secure, and free shipping of products can build your trust in your frequent buyers.

Setup your Email Marketing Campaign – E-Commerce Conversion tips

Undoubtedly, email marketing is the most effective way to engage your customers, and it performs better than other marketing channels. It directly interacts with your customers and helps you to direct traffic to your site and thus eventually generates leads.

As Black Friday is here, hit your email marketing campaign to drive sales. But how can we increase conversions and open rate? By launching a strategic email marketing campaign. The very first thing you need to do is – customer segmentation.

Create your Black Friday Sale segmentation list

– Regular shopper

– Infrequent Shopper

– Loyal customers

– VIP buyers

– Email subscriber but never bought anything

– Special sales shoppers

Setting up your targeted email marketing campaign for those who are your potential customers for the Black Friday sale can help you to increase conversions. As compared to the general newsletter, personalized email campaigns work more efficiently and generate a 20% increase in conversion rate.

Promote your popular products and offer gift vouchers as well as gift sets that can create urgency in customers to buy your products. Let your customers know what your trending product is and why everyone is after it.

Use Social Media to Increase Conversions

With over 2 billion users globally, Social Media has become one of the leading marketing channels to market your products. With proper implementation and proven marketing tactics, social media can help you to boost conversions.

To boost your campaign reach, you must hit every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat ads. Engaging content, conversion ads, and videos can help you to drive traffic from social media platforms.

After email marketing, contacting people on social media messenger apps is another way to drive traffic. Through it, you can directly target your audience in their inbox. Eventually, it will increase your online sales. While targeting your audience via messenger, make sure to design your personalized Black Friday sale offer effectively that can boost conversions.

Retarget your Loyal Customers – E-Commerce Conversion tips

This Black Friday celebrates your loyal customers, incentivizes them with some gifts set or special discounts, and encourages them to buy your products.

Although good services or products can bring your buyer again to your shop, if you don’t target your frequent shoppers, sooner or later, they will leave. The more you retarget, the more you retain your potential buyers. Don’t forget to reward your VIP or highest revenue customers on this sale and give them a reason to shop again.

Turn your Black Friday Sale to Cyber Monday

Extending your sale to the weekend or even to Cyber Monday is considered another effective conversion tip for eCommerce retailers.

Plan your post-black Friday sale promotion and marketing strategy to capture more customers. Extending the sale can help in gaining more customers but stay focused on the Black Friday sale because that needs your energy first. You can extend the sale or special discount on the most selling or popular items as well as offers exciting discounts.

Offer Early Bird Discounts and Deals

An effective way to drive more customers to your online store is by offering exclusive and exciting early bird discounts.

Early bird discounts can cause eagerness and scarcity in customers, you can introduce exclusive discounts for the first 40 buyers or less than of it. It helps in bringing more traffic and profit to your business. Design your early discount offers carefully and target your audience with engaging emails. As everyone is pampering themselves for Black Friday discounts, your early bird discount offer can play well before sale day. 

Automate your Black Friday Sale Process – E-Commerce Conversion tips

To stand out from the competition, you must be a customer-centric agency, and to give excellent customer support during the Black Friday sale, you must automate your sale process.

Automating your sale process can help to maximize your reach and give an instant response to your buyers. According to the studies, automation can increase conversion to 60% and allows you to target your potential buyers with real-time response.  So, this Black Friday Sale, it’s time to embrace the automation process to drive leads and boost conversions.

Launch your black Friday Sale on your Landing Page

Launch your featured landing page for the Black Friday Sale featuring your exclusive discounts, offers, and flat sale. It is an effective way to increase conversions as many customers come to your site from emails. So, you must cater to them with the perfect themed landing page.

Creating an explicit discount landing page for your online store can help shoppers in finding what they are looking for in the Black Friday Sale. Apart from exciting announcements, the landing page also helps you to engage with buyers. Create your email subscribers list and hit them with your black Friday offer emails.

Launch your Marketing Campaign

Create a master plan for your black Friday sale marketing campaign. An effective marketing campaign can boost up conversions and hence the profit of the business. Consider the timing as a crucial part while planning your marketing strategies and campaign.

Focus on your services and strategies, analyze your competitors, and come up with unique selling value that can make you stand out from the crowd. Along with segmented email marketing and social media targeting, these are some of the important points you need to consider while launching your Black Friday Marketing Campaign.

Set up your eCommerce store’s black Friday sale theme

Attract and engage your customers with your customized black Friday themed website. Your buyer interacts with your website, and designing a usable and attractive shop can be effective tactics to increase engagements.

Set up a customized eCommerce website with the Black Friday theme, add banners and engaging posts on your site. Customizing an eCommerce store can be a laborious task, and it will take a lot of your time and energy. Shopify Pro is a leading eCommerce solution provider agency that can customize and develop your eCommerce website.

Add Countdown pop-ups – E-Commerce Conversion tips

Create urgency in your buyers and let them join the party by giving an exciting countdown. A deadline or timer has a great influence on our mind. Knowing the fact that your favorite product or sale might end soon will create eagerness in customers to buy it.

Add countdown timer pop up to your landing page as well as send countdown emails to your buyers to let them know that time is running out.

Perfect your coupon code strategy and Free Shipping

According to Marketing Profs’ study, almost 57% of the customers said that they would not buy anything from the online store if they had not received any discount. Coupon codes can help you to attract buyers as well as it can trigger your potential customer to shop from you.

Coupons are considered to be an effective part of increasing conversions, so implementing a compelling coupon code strategy can increase conversions. Introduce different promo codes on your landing page and product pages and send personalized emails with promo codes to lead more conversions.  

One best thing about coupon codes is that it can turn your visitor into your buyer, so make them feel extra special by offering exclusive discounts on the right products. Increase urgency of the customer by displaying *Free Shipping* pop up with discount codes.

Discount Visibility on Product, Categories, and Cart Pages

A buyer comes to your site because he is looking for deals or discounts on particular products. So, from products to cart, your website should have discount visibility.

One way to boost your Black Friday sale is by showing what a customer can save by purchasing the product. Show Flat discount on your landing page that can attract and motivate your shopper to shop from you.

Design your banners with a discount offer, add discount filters on the product page and then let your customer know about the saved amount at the checkout page.

Conclusion – E-Commerce Conversion tips

From marketing strategy to mobile-friendly sites, the article covered useful conversion tips that allow you to drive profit and revenue to all business sizes. Don’t only rely on discounts and offers, be customer-centric, and provide them with the best online shopping experience for what they are looking for.

Is your eCommerce website ready to boom in the Black Friday sale? Before the big day, get tailored your eCommerce store from Shopify Pro, the company is providing customization and development services for different eCommerce platforms including Magneto, Shopify, and WordPress.

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