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Ecommerece Conversion Checklist Ecommerece Conversion Checklist


Ecommerce conversion checklist for 2022



Being an eCommerce store owner, It’s important to drive a huge volume of traffic to your website, and to do so, you need a solid Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. 

Ecommerece Conversion Checklist

CRO for eCommerce is all about nudging or converting your customers from landing to the checkout page. To maximize profitability of your eCommerce store, it’s important to monitor and optimize your conversion rate. 

Whether you are using Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, in this article, I have tackled some important eCommerce conversion rate strategies that should be on your Ecommerce conversion checklist 

Let’s dive in

Home Page Optimization 

Home Page Optimization

Highlight your Top-Selling Product 

Analyze your products using Google Analytics to check which of your products is performing well. Promote your top-selling products on Homepage banners and sliders. Product marketing helps in attracting potential customers. 

Play with Hero Shot 

A Hero Shot can either make or break your landing page. Create the value of your landing page and product using relevant product images.  Use relevant hero shot of your campaign that can create urgency in customers. Give your visitors a positive experience to turn them into buyers.

Highlight your Special Deals 

Highlighting special deals and offers can attract potential visitors and encourage them to do shopping from your store. Specials deals are an effective way in product marketing to drive conversions to your website. Along with homepage, use product page, category page, and cart page wisely to display luring and enticing offers. Make your special customers feel extra special with your special deals. 

Add Videos to your Homepage

Consider adding a promotional video to your homepage. Video marketing is also an effective technique in driving more visitors to a website. A high-quality video tells customers about your brand and can help potential shoppers in their decision to make a relevant purchase. 

Reinforce your Unique Selling Point

Let your customers know what benefits they are getting after making a specific purchase. Showing USP on homepage is an efficacious marketing strategy that can make you stand out of the competition. It can help in building an emotional connection with your customers.  

For example, if you are offering free returns, set out your killer USP on every page to help customers know about it. 

Mobile Ready Homepage 

Mobile shopping is setting new heights with the rise of mobile technology. So, it’s important to optimize your website for mobile devices. According to the survey, the world’s mobile eCommerce industry will surge to make almost 53.9% of eCommerce sales. Your eCommerce store should perform well on all mobile devices. Websites optimized well for mobile have higher chances of better ranking on search results. 

Strengthen Social Signals 

Does your page have social signals? 

Social signals are social proof of your brand that also help in better ranking on search results. It gives customers more credibility to your business. 

Sticky Header & Footer 

A sticky header remains at the top of the page and gives users easy navigation through your site without the need to scroll back up to go to other parts of the store. Sticky header and footer give full control to users as well as build brand trust. 

High-Quality Images

Attractive and high-quality visuals increase the eCommerce conversion rate and give a quality shopping experience to users. 

In online shopping, when a product is not physically present, high-quality images give buyers an exact idea about the product and play a crucial role in buying decisions. Hence, the use of high-quality product images helps in increasing conversion rate and thus sales.

Product display in Real Environment

Product display has a great influence on a conversion rate. Through quality visuals and display, you can engage your customers with your store. 

Be strategic with your product display on your homepage that can attract buyers and boost conversion rate.

Cart Page Optimization 

Cart Page Optimization

Set Up Persistent Shopping Cart 

A persistent shopping cart has a significant impact on the conversion rate. 

Letting your buyers start where they left off can improve the user experience of your store. Persistent carts help in increasing sales and reducing abandoned carts. So, consider this as important in your cart page optimization checklist.

Show all Available Payment Methods 

Another key point in cart page optimization is the availability of all payment methods on the cart page.

A buyer usually comes on the cart page to proceed with the checkout process, and the availability of their required preferred payment method can help them to proceed with your store. So make it clear the payment methods you are accepting on your cart page.

Display SubTotal and Total 

Make sure to show the total price of all products added to the cart to your buyer. A clear and informative cart page motivates your buyer to buy.

Consider adding a subtotal (including taxes & shipping) element on your cart page to reassure your buyers as they are placing the right orders.

Provide Clean and Easy to Navigate Cart Page

To avoid abandoned carts, give your buyer an easy and clear cart page to make specific purchases. 

According to Wikipedia, the average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. Your online store’s cart page should be easy, fast, and provide a hassle-free shopping experience to buyers. 

Sticky Add to Cart Button

According to studies, the sticky Add to Cart button receives 8% more orders than others and also increases the conversion rate of the mobile phone cart page. 

Should you add sticky Add to cart? 

     Then the answer is “yes”.

Even if users scroll down through a page, the sticky button remains clear and appears to buyers and encourages them to buy a specific product. 

Product Page Optimization 

Product Page Optimization

Use High-Quality Product Images 

Product images are important for eCommerce success and help in grabbing shopper’s attention.  As said, “ a picture worth 1000 words”, informative product images can pull off conversions to your site. 

Optimizing your product images is an effective conversion tip that can boost your SEO value and improves organic search ranking as well.

Highlight Product Image Benefits with Compelling Description 

The Product description is important – an opportunity to let buyers know what your product has that others don’t. 

Gearing words describing the benefits of your product not only attract buyers but makes you stand out of the competition. So, consider adding key benefits in the product description as a crucial element to achieve your sales goal.

Encourage Reviews 

Customers’ reviews are social proofs and key to success in eCommerce. 

Reviews are actually a conversation channel between buyer and brand, as almost 95% of customers read reviews before making purchasing decisions. Promote positive reviews on your product page to convert visitors to buyers.

Provide Complete Product Information (Size, Length, and Weight)

Before making a purchasing decision, a buyer wants to know about the product. 

Product information is crucial if you are selling online as it helps in building brand trust and loyalty. Be more visible and accurate about your product specifications, and dimensions like size, length, etc. 

Image Zooming Capability 

For better usability and an online shopping experience, your product page should have zooming functionality.  It can let users pick up the product of their choice and can view it more closely.

Thus, creates trustworthiness and helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Call To Action Button 

Call to action buttons are important to improve website performance and in increasing conversion rate. 

Relevant CTA’s on the landing page and product page increase conversion rate by 80% and also increases customer’s loyalty. Your product page should have prominent CTA buttons that can explain to buyers what specific action will be performed after clicking (e.g. Add to Cart button). 


FAQs Related to Product

Answer the related questions about your product even before they are asked! 

When a buyer lands on your site, he is seeking relevant information about the product and the product FAQ’s page can serve you better with improved store’s usability and authority. Like social proof, FAQ pages can also help you to drive sales by converting visitors to buyers. 

Display In Stock & Out of Stock Feature 

Real-time and accurate inventory can maximize conversion rate and profitability. 

What if your buyer clicks on a relevant product to buy and then his order gets cancelled just because the product is “out of stock”? It means your customers should know about product availability.

SEO-friendly Titles and Headlines and Desc.

Product Title and description are important and help customers in finding what they are looking for. 

Optimizing your titles and description can improve product visibility and ultimately, conversion rate. Your product page should have a descriptive product title and description explaining product benefits and features. 

SEO Friendly URLs

Product URL is an important element in optimizing product pages. 

To lead in search results, make usability a priority. Provide easy-to-understand and user-friendly URLs that can improve your online store ranking and conversion rate. 

Optimize Product Search 

Optimize Product Search 

Optimize for relevant keywords

When a visitor comes to your site, he searches for the product he is looking for online. So, optimizing your product search for relevant keywords is important. 

Optimizing product search for keywords can help buyers in finding their desired product and also nudges customers to buy the specific product if explained well. 


Enable Category Search 


In eCommerce, category pages are important. Enable inventory management and search on a category level. It enables users to search for products in particular categories. 

Conversion rate optimization or CRO of the category page can improve conversion rate significantly. 


Intelligent Search Experience


Make sure your product search responds intelligently to user’s search queries. 

Give an intelligent search experience to your visitors according to the user’s intent. Run A/B testing for similar queries or phrases and check its accuracy.


Optimize Checkout Page 

Optimize Checkout Page 

Ensure Seamless Checkout Process 


While optimizing your eCommerce store, never overlook your checkout process. 


The Checkout Process is the key component of your eCommerce store, so ensure a hassle-free checkout process for customers with minimal steps. Don’t waste the customer’s time while collecting unnecessary information.  


Make Sure Security and Trust of Customers 


In online shopping, trust is everything. Your customers should feel secure while shopping on your website. 


Provide secure PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance payment gateways to ensure your customers that their payment information is safe and secure with you. 


Improve Checkout Page for Mobile


Go for mobile checkout.

Mobile devices showed almost 34.7% of eCommerce sales in 2017, so to lead eCommerce sales, it’s necessary to optimize the mobile checkout process. Provide a quick and easy to update shopping cart with a prominent CTA button (e.g. Remove button).


Display Shopping Cart Items 

Display Shopping Cart Items 

Provide Shipping and Returning Policy Details 


Does your checkout page provide easy to understand and accessible shipping and return policies?

Clients have many fears associated with online shopping in their mind,  clear or free return policies have a significant impact on buyer’s purchasing behavior. You’ll witness a significant increase in conversion rates.


Guest Checkout Process


Allow guest checkout process for your site, it means to allow users to purchase without registering to your site. 

Forcing or restricting buyers to register before making specific purchases can be an offensive or frustrating process for the buyer when he is ready to purchase from your store. 


Pre-Fill Form Fields 


Why ask for user details again and again when it can be fetched from existing details. 

Pre-filling of form is a critical element in an eCommerce conversion’s journey. Allow pre-filling or auto-filling of forms in the checkout process to make it even easier for customers. 


Live Chat Support Feature 


Provide your customer with an excellent shopping experience and live chat support.

Forrester revealed that customers who use chat support are 2.8 times more likely to make purchases than others. The quick and immediate response through live chat increases customer satisfaction. 


Create Urgency with Timers and Free Shipping 


An effective way to increase the conversion rate by creating urgency. Give limited time offers for your discounted or special offers, it can encourage buyers to buy right now. 

Along with a timer, offer free shipping on your products and in return, get an improved conversion rate.

Website Speed Optimization Checklist 

Website Speed Optimization Checklist 

Optimized Product Images 


For eCommerce sites, Product image optimization is so important, its size and complexity can either improve or break your site’s performance on search results. 

Use correct and compressed images without losing product image quality. Product image optimization can improve website speed, conversion rate, and site ranking. 


Minified JavaScript & CSS 


Faster websites ultimately result in a better user experience. Another way to improve the site’s speed is by minifying javascript and CSS. 

Ensure all site’s Javascript and CSS is concatenated into single minified sites. Remove unnecessary or additional files being included in your site.


Leverage Browsing Cache 


For better website speed performance, your site’s browsing cache needs to be optimized. 

Leveraging browsing cache increases the site’s speed by decreasing HTTP requests and load servers.


Enable Compression 


Enabling GZIP compression reduces web files including CSS, Javascript, and PHP. It can improve your site’s speed performance. 

Higher the speed, the greater the user’s experience, and ultimately higher will be the ranking. 


Defer Parsing of JavaScript 


Defer parsing of Javascript allows the web browser to render or download Javascript after the main content of the website is being loaded. 

It improves website speed, user experience, and allows visitors to see the informative content of the website without waiting. 


Wrap Up!

We hope this complete checklist will help you in conversion rate optimization ( CRO ) of your eCommerce store. Partner with Shopify Pro – leading eCommerce marketing agency in the USA and get tailored Digital strategies for sustainable growth of your business. 

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