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Developing Prototypes with Shopify Pro



When it comes to launching a massive project, creating a prototype to see and have a better understanding of the concept is important. If you want to have a full grasp of the MVP or the solution, perhaps building a prototype first can make a tremendous difference.

Here at Shopify Pro, we are known for our expertise in the eCommerce industry — offering various services and solutions for companies all around the world. Headquartered in the stunning and ever-so-busy city of New York, Shopify Pro is an internationally renowned and multi-award-winning service provider.

One of our main expertise is conceptualizing and creating prototypes to help businesses planning to launch their products.

Just recently, a client of ours reviewed our prototype development project on Clutch. The written review was published earlier last month and we can’t wait to share it with you.

What is Clutch?

Before jumping on the review, we’d like to explain what Clutch is to give you a better understanding.

Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating platform located in Washington, DC. The site is known for its massive directories of client reviews, data-driven content, and market research relating to the IT, marketing, creative, and business services industries.

Our Latest Review

Now that you’re up to speed, our newest review was written by the owner of Rebel One Studios, a software company from Dover, Delaware. The review was published back on May 17, 2021, and it boasts a phenomenal 5-star rating.

The client asked us to handle the frontend and backend development of their prototype. Shopify Pro formed a special three-man team to handle the tasks and make sure that everything flows seamlessly.

Based on the review, the client genuinely appreciated our transparency, responsiveness, and our keen eye for detail. We are absolutely thankful for Rebel One Studios’ gracious feedback.

Shopify Pro makes sure to extend and go beyond for whatever our clients’ needs. We are really proud to say that Rebel One Studios isn’t the only satisfied client! In fact, when you look at our Clutch profile, you will see more remarkable reviews from our supportive clients.

Global Leader

When we say that we deliver, we really deliver. That can be proven by our recent recognition from The Manifest, a business news site that serves as a useful guide for businesses and service providers worldwide.

Based on their recent findings, Shopify Pro is one of the top 100 leading Shopify designers and developers this 2021. This is no small feat! We want to thank The Manifest and their incredible team for this amazing opportunity.

Having problems with your eCommerce endeavors? Let us take a look! Reach out to us. Shopify Pro is eager to help and learn more about what we can do for you.

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