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10 best WordPress Security Plugins to protect your site 10 best WordPress Security Plugins to protect your site

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10 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect your Site



Security has always been a matter of serious consideration. Be it your house or your business; there is no compromise on security measures. And the same concern should be employed if you have a WordPress website.

When you run an online business, we hear on a daily basis about security violations and vandalism on the internet. Hence, the level of security gallops at a higher level as there might be the possibility of any cyber or malware attack. So, yes, your WordPress is always at the risk of malicious attack.

Although WordPress is a secure CMS, using some security plugins, you can tighten the security of your website. These plugins ensure the high-level security of your online business.

By using these plugins, you can protect your site from hackers. It is extremely easy to install them, and the best part is that they don’t slow down your website! If you want an efficient WordPress Security Plugin, you have to make sure that it detects all the hidden malware and builds a firewall against them to work smoothly.

It is very easy for hackers to intervene, especially when the login is weak and compromised. It is by far the most commonly discussed and faced issue on numerous platforms. So try to look for the WordPress security plugins that can enhance the security of the login page by reducing the number of login attempts or addition of the two factor authentication plugin may help or even a CAPTCHA!

Before getting started, it is imperative to understand the common errors and blunders that are made, which can initiate security issues.

  • Easily accessible login password
  • Using outdated plugins and themes
  • Accidental installation of malware by using nulled plugins and themes
  • Insecure hosting
  • Sharing login password with unauthorized persons

These unintentional blunders generate the need for WordPress security plugins.

Benefits of using WordPress Security Plugins

The WordPress security Plugins have numerous advantages. A few of them are listed below

  • They are super easy to install. It is just a matter of clicking, and it’s done!
  • It will help to keep your files and applications safe and secure.
  • No possibility of hacking attacks.
  • Proper checking of files for malware attacks
  • Provision of a strong firewall
  • Authenticated and password protected admin login panel
  • Limiting the login attempts ensuring the security
  • Provision of powerful scanner for possibly corrupted files
  • Protection from brute force attack
  • Some plugins help in revealing the hidden links that might corrupt your files

Now when we are well aware of the common mistakes we commit unintentionally and the benefits of using these WordPress security plugins, it can be challenging to choose the right plugin. Therefore, after considering the above stated points, we have chalked out a list below about the 10 best WordPress Security Plugins that can be more reliable, price friendly and full of desired security features.

Let’s have a look!

1. Sucuri

Sucuri is one of the best yet powerful WordPress security plugins. By creating multiple security layers, It helps in securing and protecting your website from hackers, interveners and spammers. In addition, it keeps a regular and close check on all log files and other things hence providing complete protection.


  • Blocklist Monitoring
  • Remote Scanning Malware
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Post Hack Security Actions
  • Security Hardening

For premium users, it offers

  • Website Firewall

Its features help in multiple ways like,

  • It makes sure that only authenticated users get access to the admin panel by taking control of IP whitelisting
  • It guarantees to clean the malware fully from the root
  • A proper system-generated notification occurs as a warning if there occurs any problem
  • It provides after malware attack safety activities
  • It has within its email notification system
  • Data and other files are safe and secure
  • It keeps record or track, so the hacker cannot delete the files
  • It also generates alerts if there is any protection risk
  • Sucuri comes along with security socket layers built-in
  • It gives reset customer’s password option

It is available in both free and premium versions, where the Pro version obviously comes with more advanced features and excellent customer support. In addition, it is available at an affordable price which is just $199 per year! Isn’t it amazing!

2. Wordfence Security

With the inclusion of a powerful web application firewall, Wordfence security is the best plugin to protect your WordPress website. It takes the security of the website to the next level. It not only stops numerable attacks by bots or any malware, but it also identifies them to keep track record.

Wordfence Security is suitable for those who run multiple WordPress websites simultaneously. It has an interactive dashboard interface that allows its user to send alerts and to check any issues. From WordPress security scanner to Firewall, it got you covered.


  • It scans SEO scams, code injection, bad URLs and what not!
  • Protects nearly 4 million WordPress websites; hence it is up to date
  • It also stops DDoS attacks
  • Its firewall is not cloud-based, which means it is actually running on the server
  • It uses two factor authentication method for secure admin login
  • It has a Live Traffic feature that gives you a complete insight into whatever is happening on your site
  • Moves hacked, outdated or unused plugins to WordPress plugin repository
  • It also has a File Change Detection feature, which notifies the owner if there is any unauthorized access
  • Provides country blocking, brute force blocking and establishes a full firewall

It has both free and paid versions. Although the free version would be more than enough to establish robust security for small websites, you can look for its premium package if you still want an upgraded version.

The premium package renders a lot of features, including real-time IP blacklisting and malware signature updates.

It is $99 per year for one website. If you still feel a bit unsatisfied, you can ask for a refund without any hesitation, and they will pay you back in a month’s time.


Jetpack is one of the best WordPress Security Plugins, which provides the ultimate security solution. It makes your website work fast on secure premises. It also offers more than a hundred free WordPress themes. It also enables viewing inflow of traffic and calculation of income to help you while letting you know who broke your site. Even better, it also works as a reliable and secure backup solution for WordPress websites.


  • No need to update the plugins yourself. Let jetpack do the work
  • Regular and downtime monitoring in website
  • Offers archiving facility up to 30 days
  • Offers free of cost Protect Module which helps in blocking any malicious activity
  • Secures from any brute force attack
  • Offers backup, protection from spam and phishing in the premium plan
  • Supports email marketing, website alteration and customization and social media marketing
  • Unlimited storage space for backup files. Blessing to those who have ecommerce websites
  • Its mobile app helps you to work remotely
  • Provides designing and performance option

It is also available in both free and premium versions offering $7.95 per month. In case of any dissatisfactory performance, you can cancel the order and refund your payment in 14 days. So, in short, it is for those who look for ease in working and managing security.

4. All in One WP Security & Firewall

Just like other plugins, All in One WP Security also ensures that your site is well protected. Like other plugins, it helps to perform an audit on security measures deeply. It also helps in monitoring the strength of attack or threat and removing it.

You do not need to worry if you’re unaware of technicalities. This plugin is easier than others and is very simple to work with.


  • It has a security meter to evaluate the strength of protection is provided
  • It has Critical Feature Status, which helps in knowing that whether all features are enabled
  • Detects duplicate login names
  • Track multiple login attempts and blocks them
  • Enables a firewall against malicious attacks
  • Provides protection to PHP code

The best part of this plugin is that it is free of cost for life long. It has a very simple and easy to operate interface without any premium versions. Every function listed will work for free upon installation. No upsells, no ads, nothing at all!

5. SecuPress

SecuPress is a new member of the WordPress Security Plugins family, added recently in 2016. It has been made a part of this list on account of its rapidly increasing usage and popularity.

It helps in making sure that the site is fully secure from threats and malware attacks.

Unlike others, it has an interactive and easy to understand user interface, which makes it stand alone amongst others.


  • Easy to use and understand especially designed for beginners
  • Checks up to 35 security points at a time in less than 7 minutes.
  • Makes an interactive report based on the graphical representation
  • Enhances the security level to its full strength when witnessing any unaccessed login
  • Changes login URL to hide from bots
  • It helps to find out any tampered plugin or theme and rectify it
  • Sends security warning email alerts
  • Sending PDF reports

The free version is available at, where to get advanced features; it also has a pro version starting from $69.99 per year.

6. BulletProof Security

The next in line is the BulletProof WordPress Security Plugin which helps to secure websites from attacks by hackers. This plugin is not designed for common inexperienced users. Instead, it is used by advanced and highly skilled developers because it has unique settings and features.

Its User interface is not easy to understand. Hence it cannot be operated by any layman.


  • Provides online Base64 decoder
  • Built-in setup wizard auto-fix feature
  • It contains an anti-exploit guard feature
  • Has BPS PRO ARQ Intrusion Detection and prevention system
  • Provides folder locking facility
  • Regular URL scans
  • Database backup feature in free version
  • Maintenance mode feature
  • Extensive and regular file monitoring
  • HTTP error logging
  • Safe and secure firewall

It offers both free and premium versions. The premium version costs $69, and this one time payment. There is a money-back guarantee in 30 days in case of any issue occurring or dissatisfaction.

7. WPScan

It is considered one of the best WordPress security plugins because it uses a manual security setup established by security specialists regularly. It has its own diverse database to look for vulnerabilities. WPScan is known to have access to a database of more than 21000 known threats and WordPress vulnerabilities.

It is known for recognizing the most vulnerabilities that can cause damage to the website.


  • Debugs file logs
  • Backup file facility
  • Altering weak passwords
  • Free APIs
  • Scan scheduling made easy
  • Sends email alert notifications in case of malware attacks
  • Additional security

It has both paid and free plans. However, the price is as low as $70 per year for one site.

8. iThemes Security

iThemes is another one of the most powerful WordPress security plugins. It is specially designed to cater for vulnerabilities and identify outdated plugins and softwares.

Like others, it keeps away bots and bad users by two-factor authentication. It enforces strong passwords and recognizes the weak ones. It also offers database backup.


  • Offers file change detection in case any file is altered or messed with
  • Along with login, adds Google reCAPTCHA
  • Compare current files to WordPress latest version.
  • Detects whether the files are being tampered with or not
  • It makes the authentication keys more by addition of complexity n updation in WordPress Salts
  • Away mode feature to lock dashboard in case of no update installation
  • 404 error detection

It is recommended to purchase the premium version because it is as cheap as $80 per year. After that, you can move on to a more expensive plan as per your needs to secure sites.

9. Vault Press

It is an important WordPress security and backup plugin with powerful features to help agencies, developers, and professionals.

Vault Press provides high-level security against hacking attacks. It allows you to schedule backups regularly. Note that the backup feature is incremental.


  • Views history
  • Monitor any doubtful and shady activity and report it immediately
  • Keeps a close check on which attack has been resolved and which has been ignored
  • Clean dashboard and very easy to use
  • Enable to use calendar for scheduling backups
  • Checks insights by analyzing the most common time of the visit of the website
  • The expert team readily available to provide assistance and guidance

The premium version costs as low as $39 per year. This can be upgraded as per requirement, and the relevant cost will gallop to $99 per year or $299 per year.

10. Google Authenticator- Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator is one of the best and most reliable WordPress security plugins. It solidifies the login security, especially by using two factor authentication.

We know that most of the hackers tamper with login. So, google authenticator is an ice solid layer in terms of protection. It can ask for a QR code or any relevant question to ensure the security level to its maximum. Hence providing protection.


  • The interface is user friendly and understandable
  • It helps to determine which user should undergo a two-factor authentication process
  • Ends all possible vulnerabilities
  • The choice is yours! Decide which two-factor authentication question to be included
  • Predefine which user has to undergo two-factor authentication
  • Very shortcode
  • Mini orange soft token
  • Push notifications

Its premium package costs as low as $5 per year, making it the most commonly used WordPress Security Plugin.

So, which one to choose?

Among the list of the above-mentioned WordPress Security Plugins, it won’t be easy to reach a single choice. So, we have to look out for the feature standout plugin.

Let’s find out which of these is the best in every aspect.

Free Plugin: Sucuri Security ( free version) is undoubtedly the best choice. You can still opt for Wordfence Security or All in One WP Security.

For Beginners: All in One WP Security and Firewall is a good choice for beginners

Advance Protection: In the case of Advance Protection, premium versions of Sucuri Security and WordFence Security are really good choices to rely on.

Attractive Interface: If you are looking for an apparently beautiful and catchy interface, you should definitely go towards Vault Press or SecuPress.

Strong Login Password: if you are looking for a strong password setter WordPress Security Plugin, you should go for Google Two factor Authentication and Bulletproof Security Plugin


WordPress is diversely equipped with a vast range of Security plugins, a few of which are stated above. The above mentioned Security plugins are merely enlisted based on user experiences. However, the core purpose of all of them is to create strong security to protect the website; it would be better to install at least one free and other premium security plugins to ensure security from harm caused by unauthorized user access and attacks. Now that we have analyzed the best WordPress Security Plugins, it is easier to select one without testing each of them hence saving time!

However, you also need to maintain your WordPress website for regular updates to ensure security. So, it’s time to get high-quality WordPress development and maintenance services. As a recognized agency, Shopify Pro can be your stop to rely on. Moreover, check 10 useful tips to protect your website from hackers.

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