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Top 10 Best Shopify Translation Apps In 2022



With the increase in digital buyers, the e-commerce industry has seen a significant surge. Now, purchasing services and goods has become a common practice, and changing trends are shaping the future of e-commerce. 


Being an e-commerce store owner, one needs to continually monitor the e-commerce trends to stay competitive. Furthermore, website translation is also one of the powerful yet useful trends of which merchants can take advantage of. It allows them to reach the global market and can help you to drive more sales from international customers. 


Running a multilingual Shopify store enables merchants to deliver personalized and better shopping experiences to their customers. Moreover, it will build credibility and trust in your brand. 


According to Can’t Read, Won’t Buy – B2C research, 40% of the buyers prefer to buy products or services in their own language. So, why leave the opportunity to translate your Shopify store for your international customers? Here in this article, we have rounded up a list of the best Shopify translation apps in 2022 and their features.


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Best Shopify Translation Apps In 2022:


Want to translate your Shopify store for international buyers? Here is a list of the 10 best translators for Shopify.




If we talk about the best Shopify translation apps, Weglot surely ranked first in the list. The super easy-to-use and efficient app take only a few minutes to translate a website into multiple languages.


The multilingual feature of Weglot allows it to translate websites into more than 100 languages. The best thing? It’s completely free to use this app – however, to get the advantage of advanced features, you need to pay a subscription fee. Moreover, following the best SEO multilingual practices, it allows automatic indexing of pages in Google.


With a 4.8/5 rating, it’s the most efficient Shopify website translation solution in 2022.


Features of Weglot:


  • Easy to install app that is compatible with several web technologies and content management systems, including WordPress and Shopify.
  • Automatic translation of emails and checkout process.
  • Add team members to collaborate in translation.
  • Both automatic and manual translation options are available with access to professional translators.
  • Help in sending emails and invoices in the consumer-preferred language.
  • The redirection feature redirects the consumer to the language they prefer.


  1. GTranslate:


Another efficient multilingual Shopify translation app that incorporates Google translator to translate websites automatically. It not only can translate into 100+ languages within a few minutes but enables businesses to reach a wider audience in the global market.


It’s also useful to translate many third-party apps on Shopify – A free app for Shopify merchants; however, you may need to pay a subscription fee to get benefits of advanced or premium features.


One of the key advanced features is it can translate URLs offering the ability to speak to your prospective customers and improve global sales. The multilingual SEO feature allows translation of your website by fully optimizing it, which means the translated content can rank higher in search engine results and attract global traffic.



  • Offers language selector for your Shopify store
  • Provides URL translation, Meta Tags, Check-out Translation, and Search Engine-friendly URLs.
  • Ability to translate in context so that the content doesn’t seem out of context.
  • Take care of updates and backups for the translated content.
  • Translates microdata for better ranking in search engine results.


  1. Langify:


Leverage Langify to translate your Shopify store into multiple languages. It is one of the simplest, easiest, and user-friendly Shopify translation apps in 2022. That means it starts translating right after installation with compatibility to Shopify translation features. You can translate anything from products, themes, blogs, pages to page titles, page descriptions, navigation, etc. However, it doesn’t support the translation of checkout pages, shipping or payment tax, etc. These details will be shown in the base language of the site.


One more thing about

 Although Langify allows you to translate into multiple languages, it doesn’t allow automatic translation. You have to do it on your own, or maybe it is a blessing in disguise you can give your personal touch to it.


Features Of Langify:


  • Supports multilingual SEO – even the translation of meta tags.
  • Automatically redirect the customer to their preferred language by detecting their language.
  • The customizable language switcher tool helps users switch to their desired language whenever they want.
  • Allows translation of images, navigation, homepage, collections, and even notifications.
  • Import and Export Content option.


  1. LangShop:


Another trusted option to translate your Shopify store is LangShop, as it has been a part of the Shopify App Store since 2016 and has powered more than 20,000 stores.

Helpful in making the website accessible in the global market, it provides several configuration options and maintains the uniqueness and identity of your Shopify store.

To ensure all content to be SEO-friendly, it offers translation of description, titles, currency, URLs, and even Checkout pages. Moreover, it allows you to translate images and help users switch currency in their native language.


Features Of The LangShop:


  • Offers translation in more than 241 languages.
  • Ability to edit the translated content and manual translation.
  • Ability to upload media files and professional translations as well.
  • Offers translation for the third-party apps 
  • Provides 24*7 customer service


  1. MultiLingo:


Another amazing multi-featured Shopify translator app is MultiLingo.

Using the Yandex Translation engine, MultiLingo facilitates automatic translation and theme translation into multiple languages. It is super easy to navigate, and installing this app saves you from uptime or load time issues. Moreover, it provides multiple customization options for some aspects of your Shopify store and also supports RTL translation.


Features Of The Multi Lingo:


  • Offers a multilingual version of Shopify themes
  • Offers Language-specific URLs feature 
  • Offers SEO optimization of the translated pages
  • Unlike many other translation apps, it provides checkout pages translations and product names translation.
  • Offers automatic translation of email notifications and right to left languages.
  • Store translated content in the server to save from the need for third-party tools.


  1. Panda Language Translate:


Looking for an easy setup app to translate your Shopify website? Panda language translation is the best option. It takes no time to set up and has an easy to understand and functional interface. It offers automated translation in several languages along with RTL translation.

What does it mean? It can automatically translate your site into 100+ languages, and then it automatically switches language detecting the user’s language. Moreover, customers can also choose the language they prefer or looking for. However, it is using Google translator that doesn’t always provide accurate results or translation.


Features Of Panda Language Translate:


  • Offers translation for various website’s aspects, including the cart page.
  • Change or Update the Language setting according to your requirement.
  • Provides support for all language translations, no matter if it is left to right or right to left.


  1. Uplinkly Language Translate:


If you want your potential website traffic to read your site into multiple languages, Uplinkly has got you covered. All you need to do is install it, and then you can choose any language you want your customers to navigate on your website. Furthermore, you can translate your website into some of the most popular languages most people speak around the globe, like English, German, or French. However, as it is backed by Google Translator, there is no limit to the number of languages in which you can translate your website. Moreover, to make it easily available or noticeable for users, you can adjust the location of the translation icon by either integrating it into your menu or placing it into the footer.


Features of The Uplinkly Language Translate:


  • Offer easy setup or installation facility
  • Ability to customize customer’s preferred language
  • Offer automatic translation that will boost sales volume.


  1. Tantum Translate:


Tantum Translate Shopify app – useful to translate your Shopify store into as many languages as needed. Like other tools in our list, it also enables the merchants to target global customers – your customer can choose their preferred language from the list.


It not only translates but also helps in proofreading by providing in-depth corrections. The services of this tool make some of the pages of your website transparent enough to ultimately drive more sales and increase advertisement for those pages as well. Moreover, the language switcher helps the clients to pick their preferred language. This will keep them coming back.


Features of Tantum Translate:


  • Offer translational services in more than 100 languages.
  • Attract potential traffic to your Shopify store
  • Offer a mobile-optimized theme
  • Efficient translation with a high accuracy rate.


  1. ConveyThis:


Do you want to develop a multilingual site that attracts more international traffic? ConveyThis is your answer. It is so easy, to begin with! All you need to do is select the language, customize the language switch, and that’s all – You are all set to go!


Neither you need to worry about coding nor backup as it automatically creates a translated text. The efficient Shopify app has helped multiple businesses to increase the conversion rate and website traffic by integrating translation features into the site. Leveraging AI technology, ConveyThis is one of the most accurate Multilingual Shopify apps in 2022. It not only translates Meta Tags but also adds href lang tag to let search engines know about the translated website and its pages. Moreover, in addition to Shopify, it can also be integrated into different CMS like WordPress and BigCommerce.


Features of ConveyThis:


  • Supports over 100+ Languages 
  • Fast and accurate translation 
  • Track Performance through Analytics dashboard 
  • Offers creatively customizable language button and intuitive interface
  • Customizable Language Button


  1. Localizer:


As the app’s name describes, it helps you localize your website effortlessly. Leveraging the Google translation API, the automatic translation of your resources can be done within minutes. Moreover, it supports translation in 90+ languages and human translation in almost 42 languages. One thing that increases trust in this tool is that it keeps connection with over 15000 global translators and is an amazing currency converter. It also provides a facility to customize language and currency widgets to blend them with the theme. Moreover, it helps better management by providing reports for the broken translations; you can observe them improve quality further.


 Features Of The Localizer:


  • Supports automatic translation of 90+ languages 
  • Efficient currency converter
  • Easy customization of the language, setup, and widget of currency
  • Easy access to reports of broken-down translations.


Why Are the Above-Mentioned Top 10 Shopify Translation Apps Ranked The Best?


  • These are considered best for Shopify translation based on the criteria listed below.
  • These are ranked best considering their ratings on the Shopify App Store.
  • These apps are ranked best because they ranked as best on search engines.
  • Their Prices and features are remarkably amazing.
  • Their service has an amazing and non-shattering reputation.
  • They are rated best for the social media metrics like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Reviews And Assessments that are conducted on their functionality.




No doubt, Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform offering multiple features to merchants that can help you attract international sales for your company. It is an effective way to attract international traffic and huge sales volume. 


Want to integrate a Shopify app into your store or have custom app development needs? At Shopify Pro, we offer Shopify App Development services to cater to your custom development needs.


Many of you may be thinking about which Shopify translation app is right for your store? So the choice depends on your requirements – we covered the major features and advantages of each app that will help you make the right decision. 


If you want to suggest any app or think you can contribute to this review – contact us now


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