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Best Product Hunting Techniques for Shopify Store



Products are like the lifeblood of an e-commerce store that attracts and engage your prospective customers to your business. So, yes, the right products according to the market demands are very important in the e-commerce industry. 


However, if you are at the fence of launching your E-commerce store then you can not overlook the importance of product research. Finding out profitable and potential product ideas can be a challenging task. However, in this digital era, every challenge comes up with a solution. 


There are proven strategies and techniques through which you can curate amazing product ideas. To help you to get started with your product research for your Shopify store, here we have rounded up a list of best product hunting techniques that will surely help you to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Let’s start; 

What is Product Research?

Product Research is a process of finding and validating the potential product ideas that can serve best the needs of customers. The ideas that can cater to market demands and drive maximum ROI! 


Trends are continually changing in the digital world and so to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to do the right product research before and even after launching. However, before starting product research, you need to be clear about 


  • Your Potential Market Size and Demands
  • Your Worst and Best Competitors 
  • Targeted Customers


So, find the low competition and high in demand product ideas to achieve your revenue goals.


Best Product Hunting Techniques for Shopify Store


Leverage hashtags to research trending products

Hashtags are a great way to connect products and customers. However, they also help sellers and dropshippers to find product opportunities. On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can search for applicable product hashtags of the industry or niche you are interested in. This way you’ll get an idea about the trending products people are interested in.

Bonus Tip: Keep these hashtags in your list for later use to increase the engagement rate of your business. 

Uncover Amazon Trending Categories 

Amazon is a powerful online marketplace with over thousands of product listings and obviously a lot of ideas to jump in. Moreover, it has a category “Best Sellers” that has a list of top trending products on Amazon.

Here you can find the trending and profitable categories and product ideas to start selling on Shopify.


Bonus Tip: Once you select the trending product category, niche, or idea, go to the wholesale marketplaces like AliExpress and find and source the exact item at a cheaper rate.

Go local to Find Product Ideas 

Local markets or retail stores are still the best opportunity to find product ideas. Here you can turn the brick-and-mortar business into a successful e-commerce brand. Go to any local store and see what they are selling. Like Amazon, here as well you can find the categories and sub-categories of the products. Observe and find the best selling and profitable product categories for your Shopify store. 

Google Trends and Insights 

Google Trends is a popular and free tool that is helping online sellers to understand the market size and demands, find a trending niche, and help in right product research. By analyzing the popular search terms, this powerful Google tool gives you insights into what is trending in the market.

Let’s dive into the in-depth discussion to find the profitable product niche using Google Trends. 

Open Google Trends and enter the keyword or product you are interested in starting out. 

google trends

Analyze the trends globally as well as in your targeted country i.e. UK. Here if the trends are moving upward, it means it’s the right time to grab the opportunity and outperform the competitors. 

Use B2B Wholesale Marketplaces 

Wholesale marketplaces are the right place to find and source the products for your Shopify store. The marketplaces like Alibaba and Oberlo have thousands of trending and potential product ideas and connect sellers with suppliers and wholesalers. By digging deep into the list of trending products, you can curate your own ideas. 

Find products on B2C online Marketplaces 

B2C online marketplaces are a powerhouse to collect product ideas. It includes eBay, Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, AliExpress, and Jet. 

Here you get an opportunity to explore Amazon Best Sellers, Etsy Best Selling Items, Trending on eBay, and popular on Kickstarter to find the trending product ideas. However, using a dropshipping tool, you can filter out the winning products based on data and insights. 

Ahref to Unleash Keyword Opportunities 

To serve the changing needs of your customers, you continually need to adjust the strategy to serve the best customers. So, measure and evaluate keyword opportunities through SEO tools e.g. Ahref. 

Finding the products based on the keywords means looking for the potential queries that searchers are looking for. The process is commonly known as “Keyword Research”. Moreover, look for the competitors that you want to outrank – by analyzing the “Domain Rating”, you can achieve your goal. The websites with low DR are your best competitors and through less effort, you can compete with them on SERPs. 

Explore Reddit and Other Social Curation Sites 

Undeniably, Reddit is a leading social media platform with billions of visitors and is known as the Knowledge engine for the users. But do you know it’s a powerful tool to hunt product ideas? Yes! Leveraging the power of subreddits, you can do product research for your Shopify store. It is like a web community associated with a specific topic where people share their ideas and thoughts. 

Here on Reddit, you can explore “Buy it for Life” where users share real-life product reviews. Even better, it has dedicated Amazon subreddits e.g. Find on Amazon and The Best of Amazon from where you can curate the winning product ideas. 

6 Amazing Dropshipping Product Research Tools 

Niche Scraper 

Like Google Trends, Niche Scraper is an amazing dropshipping tool that allows sellers to find the winning niche and products to sell on Amazon. What makes it best? It also helps sellers to identify which products to sell on e-commerce and which not to. By scraping the products from Shopify and AliExpress, it is a powerful search bot and dropshipping tool. 

It has a handpicked product section with multiple product options that a seller can sell in a dropshipping store. Every day, this section is updated with the new and high selling products. 


“A curation of best new products, every day” – Ecomhunt is another powerful dropshipping tool that enables seamless product sourcing. It adds winning products every day with information like selling price, analytics, targeting and audience, and reviews of buyers. E-comhunt also offers in-depth product data & analysis with excellent customer support. 

So if you are looking for an easy-to-use dropshipping tool then Ecomhunt is definitely your stop. It has a free tool and also offers a pro version with a monthly subscription. 


AliExpress Dropshipping centre helps sellers to find and analyze products for their dropshipping business. It works as a product research and analysis tool ensuring 100% accurate data. The hot-selling product section displays the trending and best selling products along with the stats of whether the product is in demand in your region or not.

Through “Search by Image” section, you can search and find a product through an image. Moreover, the analysis part of this tool is amazing! You can analyze the search volume of any product by clicking on the graph.


All-in-one product hunting and Spyware tool that allows sellers to uncover winning products for their e-commerce stores. The AI-powered tool gives insights into any store’s products trending and performing products that will help sellers in the right marketing decisions. 

Best part? You can track and monitor the stores manually and even analyze the Facebook ad campaigns linked to those stores. With the multiple and unique customization options, it has made its place as the best Shopify product research tool list.

Have a competitive edge over your competitors by spying on what they are doing through Pexagle. It offers detailed functional reports with all the important data and information you need to win over your competitors. 

Jungle Scout 

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon everywhere. Find profitable products, niche ideas, and even verified suppliers. It integrates with the powerful e-commerce platform Amazon and helps you to find the products that have high demand with low competition. All you have to do is create your Jungle Scout account, start finding the products, and grow your e-commerce business. 

This powerful research tool has made it easy for sellers to intelligently find and compare products of their choice. Moreover, it offers all the tools that you need to manage and grow your e-commerce store. So, dominate the market with winning and high-performing products. Additionally, you can expect customer support as well. 


Oberlo made dropshipping business easy for the dropshippers. With just a few clicks, you can find, sell, and dropship the high demand products.  Getting started on Oberlo is free and quite easy! 

It has powerful product data where you can uncover winning products and get a competitive edge. Moreover, it offers customization options where you can manage your product listing. One of the best features of Oberlo is it is available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Brazilian Portuguese.


We hope the article has helped you in your product hunting. Moreover, if you want to launch your Shopify store and looking for a consultancy then the Shopify Pro team is here for you. With a team of consultants, developers, and marketers, we provide Shopify support and consultancy services and help you to take your business to the next level.

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