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7 Unpractical SEO Techniques to Clinch the Top Slot in Google



SEO Techniques: SEO is Search Engine Optimization or just how easy is it for Google to hit upon your website. There are seven diverse search engines out there like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. The fact remains that Google is the leader of the search engines as 90% of the researches is done on Google. That is the primary reason that whenever we employ the word search engine, we typically refer to Google. Search engines just go out and scan the web to find pages and index them in their catalog. It is parallel to the index at the end of the book which tells you where everything was talked about and the location.

Typically there are ten organic results on one page. SEO aids in clinching the top slot. It is the key to take your merchandise to miraculous heights. However, SEO can also be a minefield.  A high-quality SEO service provider like Shopify Development can help your business in:

  • Ranking your website on SERPs.
  • More visibility to your site.
  • Boosting the number of visitors.
  • Ensuring proper business leads.

Unpractical SEO Techniques

There are so many SEO techniques that can be used to get more organic search traffic. These seven go-to techniques will aid you in taking advantage, despite the fact that you are a beginner or a pro.

  • Predictive Link Technique: What if you could craft pages on your website that attract back links like clockwork. This is only feasible when you use the predictive link technique. The buzz part is that it is super straightforward. You simply have to scrutinize your competitor’s most linked-to pages. You can also use the same technique for crafting exultant content on social media and YouTube. You ought to create a page of omitted topics by making them 10 times diverse and superior.
  • Reverse Guest Posting: For this technique, you must ensure that you pitch experts like Shopify Development who will create crafty content on your site. You must ensure that the topics must not be recurring to evade keyword cannibalization.
  • Phantom Technique: This is the most basic technique. But most of the companies don’t take advantage from it. It only takes two seconds to execute but it has the potential of driving a ton of new organic search traffic.
  • Tunnel Vision Technique: The prevalent blunder that most of the websites make is that they endeavor to target too many keywords at one time. The best thing is to have a tunnel vision and allocate all of your resources to dominating one keyword phrase.
  • Spider Food Technique: If you want a particular page on your website to rank better in Google, then you need to show Google scholar that its priority. It means that you need to move your page higher up in your site architecture. It will signal Google that your target page is imperative.
  • LIS Technique: One quality that helps enormously in making people desire to link to your site is Length Implies Strength (LIS). Making your content longer and in-depth gives the impression that the product has a lot to offer.
  • Relationship Accelerator Technique: It serves a dual purpose. It not only aids you in building a relationship with people who are willing to link to you but also helps you to score links with very little effort.

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