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Boosting Social Media Traffic Boosting Social Media Traffic


3 Free Tools that Aid You in Boosting Your Social Media Traffic



Boosting Social Media Traffic

Do you feel that getting traffic from the social web is tough? Well, everyone does. Social algorithms are tough, they are getting harder and harder to get more and more traffic from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites out there. Today we are going to discuss how you can Boosting Social Media Traffic using these 3 free tools. These tools will not only aid you in getting more traffic from Facebook but will also help you in getting more traffic from all the major social sites.

Social Media Traffic

Hootsuite for Boosting Social Media Traffic

It aids you in scheduling your social content out. With Hootsuite not only can you share content on all social sites with ease and a few clicks but you can also schedule your content many months in advance. This is imperative because most people share their content once on social sites like Twitter, but if you share you on Twitter six times in a year that same piece of content, you will roughly get two or three times more traffic.

It’s a simple hack, it works well and you ought to do that. Remember when you share your content most of people will not see it, so there is nothing wrong with sharing that content multiple times throughout the year.


Although you are struggling to get traffic from Facebook, ManyChat can solve the problem for you. It’s a chatbot tool, leverages Facebook Messenger, and what you will find is the click-through and the open rates are ridiculous. It beats out the email. If you want easy traffic leverage ManyChat. What it will do is when people come to your website they can subscribe to you through Facebook Messenger and then when you have a blog post or message, you can push it out through ManyChat. You will get open rates above 60% and you will get click-through rates well above 30, 40, or 50%. The numbers are crazy, over time it drops down, but even when it drops down you will still see your click-through rate above 30%. It’s very effective.


You end up crafting content, when you create content multiple times, you share it on the social web and no one wants to like it or comment or engage with it. But with BuzzSumo it will show you all the other popular and unpopular articles within your space. Go for the popular topics, craft more blogs about those topics, promote those on the social media platforms, and again you will get more and more traffic because you are only writing stuff that people desire to read about and see versus just writing whatever you want to write about.
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